blackberry kush

Medicinal Cannabis Strain Review – Blackberry Kush

(Indica – Afghani x DJ Shorts Blueberry)

Not for the faint of heart, the sheer Indica dominance in this strain makes it one of my personal favorite night time smokes. Blackberry Kush or Afghani crossed with DJ Shorts Blueberry provides a couchlock high with an extreme pull right after the first hit. Considered by many to be a “compound high,” meaning that after you finish smoking your high gradually increases for a period, it provides a perfect cure for insomnia patients.

A pure tasting smoke stemming from the father BlueBerry, it can be one of the finest smoking experiences someone can have. Extremely thick buds with variations of colors ranging from light green with dark blue fading into purple, it’s actually a beautiful plant to behold in full bloom. Easily found in harvest season around Los Angeles, it’s a club favorite in the downtown area.

This particular batch was slightly dry, but still contained all of the strains original flavor. The trich formation was solid and the bud was well cured. You could tell from the first second I heated up my vaporizer that this was going to be a treat.

Tested at 12.23% THC with less than .05 % CBD and CBN, it’s not as potent as some of the previous strains I’ve tried at a 14-15% THC count. But still way more than enough to give me the punch I needed to go to sleep. Very euphoric at beginning and then very heavy and couchlock midway, I was asleep less than 20 minutes after finishing.

12.23% THC / >.05% CBD & CBN

Downtown Los Angeles $45 an 8th

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