Bhang chocolate

Medicinal Cannabis Strain Review – Bhang Chocolate

(Hybrid / Hollywood / $15)

Bhang Chocolate is one of the more commercial brand of medicated chocolates you can find here in the Californian Co-Ops. However, you do seem to get more Bhang for your buck (sorry couldn’t resist). At this particular collective, you were allowed to choose from up to 3 dose levels of chocolate. Being a patient who maintains a fairly high level of medication resistance (and a lover of good chocolate) I opted for the double dose and would consume the entire bar.

About 30 minutes post consumption I did notice a change in my high. I felt slightly Indica heavy behind the eyes, with a slight pressure in the center of my head and my neck. Slowly, a mild increase continued for another half hour with the same Indica dominance. At about the 45 minute to an hour mark, I had slowly shifted into a sativa dominant trance which finally slowly faded into a good sleep at the 3 hour mark. Heavily medicated and in a full body euphoria, I could easily lay back and enjoy the beautiful weather.

The dose had contained 120 mg of pure THC,  but the bars contained less than 4 mg of CBD or CBN per piece. At 15 dollars, this was a solid medication. It contained 4 servings, which I consumed all of. But I would recommend those who smoke less than an eighth a week probably only need one to one and a half servings to receive optimal effect.

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