beechwood purple

Medicinal Cannabis Strain Review – Beechwood Purple


As a back pain patient, I prefer my nighttime sleep medication to be potent, but only enough to do the trick without creating a thick “stone.” I’m the type of guy who likes to enjoy a restful drift to sleep while reading a book or catching up on a couple shows. The heavier Indicas in the better clubs here in Los Angeles, while achieving the desired goal of knocking you out, go about it so abruptly that you feel like you got punched in the face, even when you wake up. I call these strains “Stoners Choice,” and while they have medical value, they are mainly bought for the high.

This beauty that I found on the east side of Hollywood was a sight for sore eyes. It had full buds shaped like little popcorn nuggets with hints of purple found in spots. I instantly asked to see it under a magnifying glass, and I fell in love. A little heavy in foliage on the exterior (which is the reason for the lower price I’m assuming), it cut away nicely to give it a shined “breeders choice” look. Closer examination once I got it home, revealed that the trichs were slightly under formed. But upon testing, that’s when I discovered that I had found a new nighttime med to add into my rotation. The strain actually tickled my nasal cavity upon hitting it, and the feeling was that of a smooth ride in a Cadillac. I gradually got more and more tired and within a half hour I was asleep. I highly recommend insomnia patients to try this strain if you run across it.

Hollywood CA / $40 an 8th

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