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Medical Marijuana Spiritual Truths: We Are “All One”

Hydroponics medical marijuana growing is fun, healthy and profitable, and it can also be a profoundly spiritual experience that shows us the truths of the universe…in a practical, up close, personal way.

Consider this intriguing spiritual teaching you find in most religions, especially in Buddhism. It’s the idea that “we are all one.” Another way of saying it: everything is interconnected and interdependent.

The Buddhist doctrine of Pratītyasamutpāda (don’t ask me how it’s pronounced) says everything arises out of a substrate of matter, energy and potential: whatever happens is part of the bigger picture of interrelatedness.

Everything occurs in a dynamic field of potential, barely contained by the laws of physics and biology. You, me, the earth, sun and galaxies…all of us are in on the flux and flow of matter and energy. We are part of everything, and everything is part of us.

OK, maybe that sounds a bit New Age or wooo-wooo, but science validates the interconnectedness idea, and so does your hydroponic medical marijuana garden.

The easiest way to see this truth is go in your grow room when your CO2 generator isn’t on. Breathe deeply. Here’s what’s happening: physical bits of gaseous matter—oxygen—are coming from inside your plants and transferring via their leaves into your breathing environment.

You breathe in the oxygen your marijuana plants just produced. The oxygen merges with your lungs and blood stream, and pretty soon it’s in your cells, including your brain cells, influencing your ability to live and think, helping to create the very structure of your body and mind.

In a nice display of give and take, you exhale carbon dioxide (CO2), which your plants absorb through their leaves, combining with carbohydrates and light energy, so they can grow.

Some fraction of you and some fraction of your plants are actually exchanging in the structures and metabolism of your body and in your medical marijuana plants. That’s how us oxygen-breathers and those plant CO2 breathers evolved to work together to keep this earth alive.

When you consume your hydroponics medical marijuana by smoking it, eating it or inserting it into an intimate orifice, molecules of cannabinoids (such as THC) enter your body, bind with your cells, enter your cells, rearrange your intercellular chemistry and change your mood, perceptions, physiology and spirit.

Examine the entire “chain of causation” that produces you and your medical marijuana plants and you’ll see how interconnected we all are!

The earth itself provided all the materials you use to grow your plants, and it also provides the entire chain of life that created your personal genetics, and your medical marijuana plants’ genetics and environment.

Other humans, and not just those who work in the hydroponics or medical marijuana breeding industries, contribute to you having the cannabis seeds, clones, electricity, HID lights, hydroponics nutrients and other hydroponics supplies you rely on for your medical marijuana growing.

Think of all the people who work hard to source materials, manufacture hydroponics gear, transport hydroponics gear. They are all part of what we do as medical marijuana growers.

And of course the Internet you’re reading this on is a vast interconnected web you and I are a part of. We live in a dynamic, wild, interactive universe!

As we realize the scientific fact of interconnectedness, we see the importance of caring for each other, and the world. We are all in this together.  We are not an island unto ourselves. We are part of a larger whole. Sooner or later, the molecules that make up our body will be in other objects, and molecules from other objects comprise our bodies. It is like infinite recycling.

What I focus on most from this truth: What we do goes around and comes around, for better or worse. It makes me more careful in my medical marijuana garden, and in my relations with other life on this planet.

And that’s just one way that growing medical marijuana gives us insight into the timeless truths that govern our universe.

Daniel Dharma has a master’s degree that combined religious studies, neuropsychology and counseling therapy. He has spent many years studying the use of medical marijuana as a tool for self-improvement, spiritual enhancement, and overall health. Look for his articles that explore the inner terrain of medical marijuana use and gardening.

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