Medical Marijuana: Get Baked, Not Wasted

Eating marijuana can send you on a powerful journey into cannabis heaven, but people have been complaining to me that when they follow most advice you get about making edible marijuana products, they end up wasting a lot of buds and time preparing something that tastes like doo-doo, or it tastes like you’re eating a raw marijuana leaf, or you’re eating/tincturing an improperly-dosed product that messes you up instead of heals you.

So what’s the real deal about cooking, tincturing, or eating medical marijuana rather than smoking it?

For sure, there’s a lot of bogus information about preparing edible marijuana and tinctures…information that wastes your marijuana and can lead to seriously unpleasant consequences.

In some cases, people cook or tincture their buds the wrong way, leaving a product with too little THC and too much CBD and other cannabinoids that aren’t good for getting you high.

You’ll see inaccurate descriptions of prep techniques for buds and butters, recipes not designed by professional chefs, and dosing mistakes. So let’s clear away the bogus and give you the medical marijuana “medibles” facts.

First off, when you ingest marijuana via tinctures, topicals or edibles, you’ll get a different experience than when you smoke marijuana. Edibles go into your gut and are processed in the digestive tract to create a different version of THC than you’re used to, so the high is very different, and it takes way longer for you to know how high you are.

Instead of taking a puff and knowing within a few seconds or minutes how high you are, medibles leave you in the mystery zone for at least 45 minutes to three hours.

Like the time I got off the plane in Amsterdam hungry, first stop Green House coffee shop, ate a few space cakes, didn’t feel the cannabinoids creeping up on me, woke up on a bench in a park the next day, and still uber-high.

With tinctures, you may get a more immediate effect, depending on how the tinctures are made and used. With topicals, you’re in a different kind of mystery zone, again depending on what carrier materials are used, how the topical was made, and how you apply it.

So if you’re wanting immediate medical marijuana effects, smoke your marijuana. If you have the time to wait and see and guess and hope, edibles and tinctures are for you. The effects of medibles and tinctures tend to be more of a “body high,” longer-lasting, and harder to control.

People who make marijuana edibles and tinctures for a living say that just like a master chef has recipe books, you should have a written knowledge base that tells you how to make marijuana medibles and tinctures.

Now Procure Reliable Information on Marijuana Medibles and Tinctures

Creating medical marijuana edibles and tinctures is not as easy just knowing how to cook regular food or knowing how to make non-marijuana herbal extracts.

I’ve looked at many books and other info-sources that purport to contain cannabis cooking and/or tincturing ideas and have three books that I can recommend to you. Get these, and you’ll have an exclusive, expert library that brings you tasty medical marijuana treats.

Book one is Marijuana Cooking: Good Medicine Made Easy. It’s a visually-attractive, well-organized, and medically accurate volume that lays out the foundations of creating marijuana butter, medibles, extracts and tinctures.

The information is professionally presented, augmented by a series of visuals that guide you through the somewhat complex process of putting raw cannabis into a cooking or tincturing situation so you activate and extract cannabinoids.

Book two is Baked, by the delightfully-named Yzabetta Sativa. This lady must have some professional dessert chef training, because the recipes in her book are totally gourmet.

I first heard about Baked when I was at a medical marijuana collective and they served marijuana the book’s Banana Cream Cake. As with any properly-made marijuana medible, you don’t necessarily taste the marijuana, so you have to be careful not to munchie out too wildly, cramming too much into your mouth so you’ll be hugely overmedicated later on. I could have eaten two or three pounds of this cake. And If I had done that, who knows what part of the universe I would have been transported to.

If you want to combine two potent plant medicines (chocolate and marijuana), try the Baked “chocolate chews.” Baked has more than four dozen recipes, and as with Marijuana Cooking, it’s a beautifully-presented book worthy of any coffee table and kitchen.

I’ve talked to people who’ve made almost all these recipes, and they’ve attested to the remarkable deliciousness, consistency and potency that results when you follow Baked recipes. This is way better than following amateur recipes that can easily fail you in taste and potency predictability.

Book three for your marijuana pleasure is The Marijuana Chef Cookbook (TMCC). This one was authored by S.T. Oner, a highly-regarded marijuana author. In its visual presentation, the book is has a bare bones approach compared to the other two. It doesn’t have the glossy beautiful photos that the other two books have but…

On the other hand, TMCC goes beyond the previous two books in that it offers main courses, soups, appetizers and other menu items rather than just desserts.

As an added bonus, TMCC contains a guest chapter by Kenn A. Biscranium (say it fast a few times and you’ll get the joke) that gives you a recipe for detoxifying before drug tests.

You’ll know from my drug-testing article that I don’t believe there’s a 100% guaranteed detox method that can fool today’s sophisticated drug testing, but Biscranium’s detox recipe is among the most comprehensive and intriguing I’ve seen.

It’s easy for you to get these three books because they’re all published by Green Candy Press, a publishing house that has impressed many medical marijuana growers and patients with its increasingly rich catalog of fine books dedicated to our marijuana community.

You owe it to yourself to have these books as handy medical marijuana medibles/tinctures reference guides. Too many of us have followed unprofessional advice when we make medibles, tinctures and topicals, and we waste our marijuana, and get too wasted ourselves!

You wouldn’t want to end up like the police officer in the embedded video above…he sampled some confiscated medicine in the form of a medible, and got wayyy too wasted!

With the books I just suggested, you’ll be able to properly prepare, dose and enjoy these tasty alternatives to medical marijuana smoking!

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