Marijuana Bloom Boosters Maximum Yield

Go into your hydroponics store and you see shelf after shelf of bloom boosters…

BioBud. Crystal Burst. Top Booster. Tiger Bloom. Bloombastic. Kool Bloom. Ginormous. Hydroplex Maximizer. General Hydroponics. Humboldt Nutrients. Fox Farm. Botanicare. Emerald Harvest. Blah blah blah.

How do you know which bloom boosters to use?

First of all, almost all bloom boosters contain a lot of phosphorus (P), and a smaller amount of potassium (K).

Problem is, flowering marijuana wants more potassium and less phosphorus.

So, ratios of P and K are wrong in most all bloom boosters.

Not only are their ratios wrong, the materials used to source the phosphorus and potassium are also wrong.

Your marijuana plants can’t easily absorb the P and K in these products.

These bloom boosters mess up your roots and root zone so your marijuana plants struggle to absorb essential fertilizer elements.

Add to that how excess phosphorus loads up in your buds so you’re lucky if you can get them to burn and stay lit.

And you’re lucky not to cough your guts out smoking that phospho-weed.

I’m surprised people don’t glow in the dark after smoking that shit- even if they flush, it’s still in there!

Most bloom boosters are sold as a one size fits all type of product.

You’re told to use the product along with your base nutrients from start to finish of bloom phase.

But as you notice when you look at your marijuana buds, your buds go through very distinct phases.

It’s not as simple as saying they start out small and get larger; marijuana buds change radically as they go from early bloom to peak bloom to late bloom.

They have sub-phases.

It’s not all just one big bloom phase from start to finish.

Look at your marijuana buds as they go from baby buds to mature, ready to harvest buds.

For the first 1-3 weeks after bloom phase starts there are few if any resin glands.

Later during peak bloom phase, your marijuana plants are building resin glands and cannabinoids while also building bud structure.

During late bloom phase, your resin glands are at their maximum development and might be starting to decline.

Your buds only have another 5-10% of their size and weight to gain, and your marijuana plants are getting tired and are ready to say bye bye.

To feed the same bloom booster for the entire start to finish of bloom phase is to disregard the fact that marijuana plants use different nutritional elements in different ratios over the course of bloom phase.

What I wanted in a bloom boosters program, and what I eventually found, was a set of sequential bloom boosters tested and prescribed for marijuana:

Using this program, you see:

• Your marijuana plants switch from grow to bloom earlier so you have earlier and more numerous budding sites.
• Your early buds develop structure, resin glands and THC sooner.
• Your buds enter peak bloom earlier and stay there longer, producing extra weight, size and THC.
• Your buds go out of peak bloom and are almost immediately ready for harvest.
• You get earlier harvests so you can do more crops per year.

The feed program I am talking about is based on the following research techniques:

• The most popular and powerful strains of marijuana are stable-grown in test settings.
• The plants are grown in deep water culture (DWC) using reverse osmosis water for total control over nutrients inputs.
• The marijuana plants are constantly monitored using tissue samples, microscopic evaluations, harvest measurements, metabolic ratings, and cannabinoid testing.
• The data gathered from the testing and monitoring is used to craft specific hydroponics nutrients and supplements that provide maximum yield in weight and THC from your bloom phase.

The hydroponics nutrients manufacturer watches in real time what the nutritional program is doing for marijuana metabolism, cannabinoid production, size and weight of buds, rate of maturation, overall plant health, resistance to pests, pathogens and diseases, water consumption and other factors.

With this extensive array of data, plant scientists and chemists got together to design the only hydroponics nutrients system for marijuana buds. This is the system I am most aware of because it suits my needs as a connoisseur grower of medical marijuana.

I want the best for my plants, and I also want the nutrients tools that allow me to enjoy the creativity and fun growing involves. That’s what I recommend the following bloom phase system that is so powerful and enjoyable to use for your plants…

The recipe for this marijuana-specific hydroponics nutrients system is:

• Use Sensi Bloom or Connoisseur bloom base nutrients that automatically balance pH to 5.7.
• First two weeks of bloom phase your bloom booster is Bud Ignitor.
• During peak bloom, use Big Buds, Bud Factor X and Nirvana bloom boosters.  Also use Bud Candy so plants have extra energy, and so buds have killer taste and aroma.
• During late bloom use Overdrive.
• Use Flawless Finish flushing solution just before harvest.

You can get decent harvests using other bloom boosters.

But the program I just outlined for you is going to give you maximum weight, taste, scent, cannabinoids, and terpenoids!

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