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Hydroponics Marijuana pH & Hydroponics Nutrients for Marijuana

Hydroponics marijuana growers worry a lot about pH, because the pH of your root zone and hydroponics nutrients water make a big difference in your marijuana’s health and productivity.

Unless your hydroponics nutrients water is in a very narrow pH range (5.6-6.2), your plants’ roots have a hard time taking in all the essential elements your plants need.

The ideal pH for hydroponics marijuana nutrients absorption is 5.7.

Circumstances recently forced me to solve pH problems.

I also used this occasion to test product claims made by Advanced Nutrients, the manufacturer of a hydroponics nutrients system that they claim eliminates the need to monitor and adjust pH.

The problems started when I was unable to get the Advanced Nutrients hydroponics base nutrients I usually use because the shops I bought from had sold out and were waiting for backorder.

I has to purchase General Hydroponics 3-part base. I was using General Hydroponics before I switched to Advanced Nutrients several years ago.

I substituted the GH and waited for the backorder to arrive.

What I noticed was that my hydroponics nutrients pH measurements were inconsistent after I started using the General Hydroponics base nutrients.

It would take a longer time for me to balance pH using the GH base. Finally, I’d get it set to 5.7 where I wanted it.

Then, a couple or three days later, the pH would be as high as 6.6. Or it would go down to 5.4 or 5.5 pH.

Trying to fix this problem, I purchased replacement BlueLab pH probes, a new BlueLab combo meter, a BlueLab stick meter, a Hanna stick pH Meter and an Oakton stick pH meter, along with fresh pH calibration fluids, meter cleaning fluid, and pH Up and Down fluids.

This set me back nearly $700.

I meticulously cleaned and calibrated my meters over and over.

I just could not get the confidence that my hydroponics nutrients pH was in the 5.7 sweet spot.

And what really matters most -more than numbers and ranges- was how my hydroponics marijuana plants were doing. Not well.

They had sulfur, phosphorus, and iron deficiencies.

Then I got hold of Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow and Sensi Bloom pH Perfect base nutrients, did a flush, and replaced the GH 3-part with the Advanced Nutrients hydroponics nutrients.

Instead of bouncing all over the place and showing outrageously unpredictable pH numbers, using the pH Perfect Advanced Nutrients base, the meter went directly to 5.7 and stayed there.

Of course, beyond numbers on pH meters, what really counts is how your medical marijuana plants look and grow.

What I learned is that there are different levels of quality and effectiveness when it comes to hydroponics nutrients for hydroponics marijuana.

Performance based on the quality of inputs… you might also see it when differences in gasoline affect your car’s performance.

Some gasolines have impurities, the wrong octane-additive blend, are stale, etc.

Yes, your car will still start and run. Obviously though, only the highest quality gasoline gives you the best gas mileage, fastest acceleration, and least engine wear.

With what I experienced concerning pH, nutrients and plant performance, and based on careful attention to detail with hydroponics marijuana strains I’m intimately familiar with growing, I personally verified that pH Perfect base nutrients are “the very best” base nutrients on the market.

Their superiority includes the highest levels of ease of use, manufacturing quality control, pH buffering consistency, harvest weight, and THC percentages.

This was not just for one crop cycle either, and the results have been persistent and positive as I’ve gotten used to using the new products.

Get yourself those pH Perfect hydroponics base nutrients and compare their performance to the base nutrients you used before. I’m sure you’ll see the hydroponics marijuana improvements I saw.

My cannabis plants grew faster, the buds were bigger, and I didn’t have to spend any time worrying about pH!

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