Medical Hydroponics Marijuana As a Career

Want to change careers and start doing medical hydroponics marijuana cultivation as your job? Wondering about the practical, financial and business aspects of medical hydroponics marijuana growing?

Good- because I’m handing you a series of articles that’ll walk you through the process of becoming profitable medical marijuana grower. Let’s grow…

Location, Location, Location

Safety is a huge factor when you decide whether or not to go professional with growing hydroponics marijuana. Laws are traps- getting caught and ending up living in a cage is not fun.  Yeah, you can grow medical hydroponics marijuana anywhere, but If you want to grow medical marijuana as a business, I highly recommend that you move to a state where growing medical marijuana is legal by state law.

Problem is, federal law trumps state medical marijuana laws, so no place is truly “legal.” That said, California and a few other medical marijuana states are a lot safer than scary places like Oklahoma, Texas and Florida, where you can end up imprisoned for the rest of your life just for growing the healing herb.

That’s why the only states I recommend for professional for-profit medical hydroponics marijuana growers are California, Oregon, Colorado and Washington.

It’s a good business decision to grow medical hydroponics marijuana in states where demand is high because people can get medical marijuana cards and legally purchase buds, and because there are dispensaries, clubs or other “retail” medical marijuana outlets. In those places, you are close to your customers and there’s a semi-aboveground supply chain that’s better for you than selling on the street corner or to friends.

Who’s Gonna Buy Your Medical Weed?

Selling medical marijuana is a wholesale and/or retail deal.

Selling wholesale means you get approximately $1,700-$2,900 USD per pound for the finest connoisseur buds. Selling retail means you get approximately $200-500 per ounce, depending on the quality of your buds, the market you’re in, and if you sell eighths or ounces.

Please, for your own safety, realize you’re taking a risk whenever you sell medical marijuana. Even in medical marijuana states, there’s much confusion about how or whether you can be “compensated” as a medical hydroponics marijuana grower.

Any time you let anybody know you grow or sell weed, you put yourself in danger. Every sale, every deal, every contact is a potential problem. You can get narked out, blackmailed, ripped off.

The less people you sell to, the better. The sweetest deal is to sell to a medical marijuana dispensary.

What’s It Like to Grow Medical Marijuana as a Job?

Before they become professional medical hydroponics marijuana growers, people think hydroponics growing is easy street. Kick back at home, smoke bud, your plants grow like weeds, harvest every couple of months, rake in the cashola. Sweet deal.

But that’s not how it is. Professional connoisseur hydroponics medical marijuana growing is a 24/7/365 job, especially if you’re a newbie, or using high-tech, high-maintenance hydroponics systems such as deep water culture (DWC) or aeroponics.

Somebody has to be around day and night to monitor hydroponics systems, climate, C02, irrigation and plant health.

As a professional medical marijuana grower, I spend at least five hours per day tending my crops. During crucial phases, such as cloning or harvesting, or if my plants develop problems, it requires a lot more hours than that.

Figure in the time it takes you to prep and deliver your buds to your customers. My total medical hydroponics gardening time for a 7-day period averages around 38 or more hours per week. And these aren’t predictable hours—it’s whenever my plants need me. Kind of like raising children, eh?

So yeah, there’s a lot of good about being a professional medical hydroponics marijuana grower. I love growing and would do it even if medical marijuana was worth $20 an ounce.

You don’t have to commute, dress up, sit in an office, put up with bosses or co-workers. You get to work at home, but here’s something to think about: the hours are similar to a full-time job, and the job requirements are just as serious as any professional job.

So that leads us to the topics we’ll examine in the next articles in this series, which are: How much marijuana do you have to grow, and what kind of hydroponics set-up and skills do you need to grow enough so you can earn a good living as a medical hydroponics marijuana grower. I am here to help you decide if the mmj growing business is the right one for you, so stay tuned!

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