Marijuana SellingMarijuana selling requires good marketing tactics.
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Marijuana Selling in a Competitive Market

Growing and selling marijuana is an honorable job that deserves respect and adequate profits.

Before California, Colorado, Michigan, Oregon, Washington and other states “legalized” recreational and/or medical marijuana, marijuana sellers operated underground in clandestine black market transactions.

The risks were higher, but the profits were higher too.

Legalization has created many more and many more types of marijuana sellers and lots more competition for marijuana growers who also sell buds.

Many of my marijuana growing and marijuana selling friends complain it’s harder to make a living selling buds these days. One reason is increased cannabis supply has created a drop in wholesale and retail marijuana prices.

Tokers have more choices than ever before. It’s not like the good old days when people were lucky to know someone who sold quality marijuana. These days, in some states, they can go to a store and buy their weed in a totally easy transaction.

Obviously, when you face increased competition, you have to up your game.

Read this other article that talks about sales strategies for marijuana sellers.

One strategy I’ve adopted is to include a product label with my buds.

The label provides several benefits for marijuana sellers:

It builds rapport and relationship between me and the customer.

It lets the customer know why my buds are better than what they can get elsewhere.

It gives the customer something they can show to other marijuana users who might get interested in what I have for them.

It gives the customer peace of mind and helps them have a better experience with the marijuana you provide them.

All of this builds trust and repeat business.

To see what I mean by marijuana seller marketing, click on this sample label below (you may have to click twice to get it to be large enough to read).

You’ll see this label contains information that helps your marijuana customers understand why the buds they get from you are superior.

Sample Product LabelWhen I figure out how to do it, I want to make my bud product information sheets more attractive, by putting a photo of the bud on there.

I also want to develop an even more personal tone with my labeling. One of the biggest tools you can use to build a connection between you and your marijuana customers is to talk about your buds and your grow op in a personal and revealing way.

By telling the story of your grow op, and showing enthusiasm for your cannabis strains, you invite the customer in to the transaction in a way that builds interest and excitement.

For example, you could say on the label something like: This bud is guaranteed to send you into outer space!

In a marijuana seller marketplace with increased competition, these are the kinds of customer-friendly tactics that ensure you always have customers eager to buy your marijuana. Happy sales!

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