marijuana plantsOxygen bubbles in your hydroponics nutrients reservoir help your marijuana plants.

Your Marijuana Plants Crave Root Zone Dissolved Oxygen

Your marijuana plants breathe out oxygen through their leaves, while intaking oxygen from their root zone.

But many cannabis growers aren’t providing enough root zone dissolved oxygen.

Their plants’ roots are suffocating and drowning.

Root zone problems that diminish dissolved oxygen availability include:

  • Soil, coco coir, or soilless mixes that are too dense without enough perlite or other aeration spacers.
  • Overwatering.
  • Hydroponics reservoirs with stale, unaerated, poorly-circulated water.
  • Water that’s too warm or too cold.
  • Polluted water.
  • Harmful bacteria and/or fungi in root zone.

The good news is, it’s easy to fix this problem so your marijuana plants get the root zone oxygenation they need. Here’s how:

  • If you’re growing in soil, coco coir, or soilless mix, add COARSE perlite until it’s 10-17% of total volume.
  • Use reverse osmosis water.
  • Control the temperature of your nutrients water using a chiller and/or aquarium heater to maintain 67-68°F.
  • Use beneficial microbes and fungi hydroponics nutrients products Voodoo Juice, Tarantula, Piranha.
  • Feed Bud Candy carbohydrates to root zone beneficial microbes. This product boosts buds’ taste and smell.
  • Cut back on watering.
  • Don’t use H202 (hydrogen peroxide) in your reservoir water.
  • If you’re growing in rockwool, make sure your drainage is adequate, and beware of overwatering.
  • Use pH Perfect hydroponics base nutrients to maintain proper pH in your root zone.
  • Use an air pump external to your hydroponics reservoir and/or bucket systems, aquarium tubing, and a hydroponics air stone to add dissolved oxygen to your nutrients water.

This last suggestion is crucial for hydroponics growers, especially in pure hydroponics such as deep water culture.

Be sure not to use a submersible pump—it adds heat to your hydroponics nutrients water.

One big reason to use pH Perfect hydroponics base nutrients is that aerating your hydroponics nutrients reservoir water will change pH if you’re using other brands of nutrients.

The pH Perfect nutrients used at or near full strength under most conditions will maintain pH in the 5.7-5.9 sweet spot that’s best for your marijuana plants to absorb all nutrients elements.

Be aware that as with exhaust fans, air pumps have different capacities.

You’ll want to talk to a competent hydroponics grow store to get the pump the fits your hydroponics system.

Your marijuana plants will grow faster, uptake nutrients better, be healthier, and produce more when you provide extra dissolved oxygen in their root zone.

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