Movies for Enhanced Marijuana FunThe best marijuana movies including documentaries, dab rigs, and cannabis cures.

Marijuana Movies for Holidays and Chill Fun

This article is a list of great marijuana movies for you to enjoy during relaxed holidays, weekends, or any time you want some marijuana fun or information…

The Science of Marijuana

The Scientist is a very interesting portrayal of scientists studying the many compounds marijuana produces, and how these compounds interact with body and mind. It focuses on Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, who first isolated plant-based THC in a lab, and has long been a cannabis science pioneer.

Maybe Marijuana Can Replace Chemotherapy

Marijuana, Cure for Cancer is a must-see for anyone who has cancer and wants to see evidence of how cannabis can be used to fight tumors and other cancer conditions.

Marijuana History & Medical Benefits

This movie uses a clever documentary approach to show you how marijuana used to be legal as both a drug crop and for industrial hemp, and why it was made illegal.

Pharmaceutical Companies Know Marijuana is a Miracle Drug

This movie features corporate scientists trying to isolate cannabinoids, patent them, and sell them commercially because cannabinoids heal so many diseases.

Moms Do Better When They’re Stoned

If your mom yells at you, instead of yelling back at her, get her high.

Medical Marijuana Saves Kids Lives

When you hear drug warriors screeching about stoned kids, ask them to watch this short documentary so they can get a clue…

Dabs, Dabbing, Buds, & the Crazy World of Cannabis Extracts

This well-made documentary focuses on the cannabis extracts industry, showing you safe, high-tech, closed-loop, clean dab-making machinery, and electric dab rigs.

Most of the marijuana movies we just highlighted for you are serious documentaries. When you want some wild and crazy fun marijuana movies for Thanksgiving or any time, read our list here.

Have a great time with these marijuana movies available free via the Internet!

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