magic mushroomsMagic mushrooms and cannabis rank high in illegal drug safety survey.

Marijuana and Magic Mushrooms: Safest Drugs

Marijuana and magic mushrooms (psilocybin) are the safest and most widely used hallucinogenic drugs, according to an international survey involving hundreds of thousands of drug users issued by the Global Drugs Survey.

The Global Drugs Survey (GDS) is a research organization that looks into use of “illegal” drugs including marijuana, but it’s not a drug war propaganda organization.

They’ve gotten information from half a million people worldwide who use “contraband” drugs like marijuana, magic mushrooms, cocaine, Ecstasy (MDMA, street name “Molly”), LSD, meth.

They also gather user data about use of tobacco, alcohol, and novel drugs including synthetic cannabinoids (such as “Spice”).

The GDS has spent many years interviewing and comparing drug users from diverse population segments including young, old, males, females, gay, straight, clubbers, thin people, obese people, vegetarians, those with a current psychiatric symptoms and diagnoses, students, northerners, southerners.

In their 2017 report, they reveal the following amazing data:

  • The majority of cannabis users who consume buds do so via smoking a joint, with bongs, pipes, and vaporizers as a much smaller percentage of use.
  • 44% of cannabis users who inhale combusted cannabis are smoking mids or brown (low-potency cannabis), compared to 39% consuming the highest-potency buds, such as those cultivated by readers of
  • Consumers who use concentrated cannabis mostly consume old school hashish, while less than 4% use modern cannabis concentrates such as dabs.
  • A range of 14-22% of cannabis users in the USA, Mexico, Brazil, Greece, and Canada get high within five minutes of waking up in the morning.
  • Less than 7% of cannabis users in Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Austria, Iceland, and the Netherlands get high within five minutes of waking up in the morning.
  • Males use cannabis about 50% more often than females.
  • 36-44% of cannabis users in Denmark, Poland, Greece, Iceland, Colombia, Belgium, France, and Ireland say they want to use LESS cannabis, and a significant percentage of those people say they want professional help to reduce their use.
  • Only 22% of American cannabis users want to reduce their use, and very few of them want help to do so.
  • A tiny percentage of people worldwide used cannabis and then sought emergency medical treatment. The highest percentage by country for those seeking emergency treatment for cannabis-related symptoms are 2% for people in Greece, Denmark, and Poland, less than 1% for citizens of USA and Canada, and ZERO percent for citizens of Ireland, Spain, Scotland, and Sweden.
  • Despite the rise of dabs, some of which are 99% pure THC, the percentage of people seeking emergency medical treatment for cannabis is DECLINING.
  • Vaporizer use is slowly increasing.
  • People are using vaporizers and e-cig devices to consume buds, dabs, hash oil, synthetic cannabinoids, DMT, fentanyl, MDMA, and other drugs.
  • Norway, Colombia, New Zealand, Mexico, Brazil, Scotland, Australia, Switzerland, and the UK have a relatively high percentage of citizens who use magic mushrooms they harvested wild or grew themselves.
  • Magic mushrooms (psilocybin mushrooms) are the safest hallucinogenic illegal drug (according to drug users surveyed), with less than a percent of users seeking medical treatment after ingestion.

  • Cannabis is the second safest illegal drug.
  • Magic mushrooms, cannabis, and MDMA (Ecstasy) are safer than legal drugs such as alcohol and tobacco.
  • Procuring drugs online via the “dark web” or “dark net” is increasing.

It’s good to see statistics from a drugs research organization not affiliated with the drug war.

These stats show that the drug warriors lie about marijuana and other illegal drugs.

The most dangerous drugs commonly used recreationally are tobacco, alcohol, pharmaceuticals, and synthetic cannabinoids such as Spice.

According to Global Drugs Survey, most of us who use marijuana and/or magic mushrooms feel we’re helping rather than harming ourselves!

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