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Marijuana Madness: Can a Pothead be a Murderous Terrorist?

“See? See? See?” my father-in-law Vinny yelled as he held a newspaper inches in front of my face. “These f’ing terrorists are marijuana smokers. You dopers are in denial. Pot makes people violent and batshit crazy. Admit it.”

The newspaper article he was shoving in my face was indeed a shocker: Boston Marathon bomber terrorist Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was apparently a chronic pothead.

His dwelling, clothes, and hair reeked of marijuana. Friends described Dzhokhar as a small-time marijuana dealer and full-time stoner. How could a guy who smokes so much weed and listens to hip-hop be a Muslim terrorist, another friend wondered.

A day earlier, my father-in-law woke me up with a middle of the night phone call to tell me that Dzhokhar’s shot-dead brother Tamerlan, the other Boston Marathon terrorist, had been close friends with a guy who was found stabbed to death…and “covered in marijuana.”

Tens of millions of non-violent people grow and use marijuana, but it would be total bullshit to claim that all people who grow and use marijuana are mellow and kind.

Allegedly, the orange-haired fool who gunned down nearly 50 people at the Aurora, Colorado Batman movie, and the assassin hit man Jared Loughner who killed several people and shot rising Democratic political star Gabby Giffords in the head…both of them are said to have used marijuana.

But that’s not all. I’ve met several big-time marijuana growers who are also big-time hunters, gun lovers, wife-beaters, KKK, etc. Angry, violent guys who smoke pot all the time, but it doesn’t make them mellow hippies. They’re brawlers. It’s almost like pot affects them like alcohol. It seems to empower them to do evil.

And of course there’s a sector of the music industry that combines marijuana with violence, gangbanging, rape, and other sinister behavior. Check these vicious lyrics from the song Whole Lotta Weed…

Man let me hit that weed dog,
man that shit some dro.
Man that was fucked up what happened to tha boy tha other day
Man, u know how these niggas do
Violate real playaz and end up
on the motherfucking front page of the newspaper…
Fuck that sucker that’s what he gets
For running his motherfucking mouth (bitch).

Real playaz like to smoke a (whole lotta weed)
Drinkin’ bottles of that liquor (all that we need)
This 9mm (will make you bleed)
I advise you niggas (don’t fuck wit me)
Real playaz like to smoke a
Stroke her off in her throata
Bend ova let me poke her
Roll up on some old dopea
Dont take me fo a joka
Hollows will make ya croaka
My hands around your throata
Grip grip tight and choke her…


Well, let’s be candid—love rap or hate it, this “song” puts a bad rep onto the marijuana community.

The really shitty thing about violent people who use marijuana is obviously that it  gives our enemies something to slag us with.The slagging goes right back to 1937, when the first drug warriors spread their Reefer Madness propaganda about marijuana causing rape, insanity and murder. That’s how they convinced Congress to make cannabis illegal…by saying it leads to rape and violence.

My father-in-law, a boozer and cigarette chain smoker, doesn’t see his own hypocrisy. He only sees his Reefer Madness prejudice against marijuana, and will now never let me forget that one of the Boston Marathon terrorists was said to be a pothead and marijuana dealer.

One time, when he was harassing me about marijuana, in my own house no less, I said to him, “You better be glad marijuana does not cause violence, because if it did, by now I surely would have slapped you silly because of all the grief you give me about marijuana. Now get the fuck out of my house.”

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