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What Makes Highly Successful Marijuana Growers?

Some percentage of marijuana growers have always made huge profits and had tons of fun growing kind bud.

The big question is, do you and I have what it takes to be wealthy marijuana growers?

It’s not like just anybody can grow marijuana that everyone loves, or run a successful marijuana growing business.

But damn sure we want to!

One of the most successful marijuana growers in the world is Michael Straumietis, founder and owner of hydroponics nutrients company Advanced Nutrients.

Here’s what he says it takes to be a successful cannabis grower…

How Much Do You Desire Kind Bud & “The Good Life?”

Straumietis grew up in a Midwestern working-class family and lost his dad at a very early age. His mom needed him to step up and be the man in the family.

“I started my own businesses when I was 12. Selling silk flowers was one of them. When I was older, I looked around at the local corn fields, and thought hey, forget the silk flowers, wouldn’t that field be a great place to grow the kind flowers you and I love. Growing was my ticket to the good life, so I could help my family, and rise out of poverty,” Straumietis says.

Sure, you grow marijuana because you want to save money and avoid hassles of buying it, Straumietis says.

“But I’ve met so many marijuana growers who create a stable, secure, and happy life by growing the finest herb and marketing it,” he said. “If you want great bud and the good life, marijuana growing is your ticket.”

Be Adventurous… But Not Reckless

Straumietis says marijuana growers are “some of the most courageous and adventurous people in the world.”

“Legalization takes the edge off a little bit, but still you need nerves of steel and a kind of stealthy defiance and strength to grow cannabis,” Straumietis says. “Marijuana growers are a bit like skydivers or race car drivers, except it’s a different kind of adrenalin rush.”

When you grow marijuana you take risks, no matter if you’re legal or not, he says, and risk-taking is one of the traits of highly successful people.

“You walk that fine line between risk and reckless,” Straumietis notes. “You use your carbon filters, you live quietly, you keep your mouth shut about your grow op. You don’t seek risk. But you live with risk like a soldier in a righteous war lives with it.”

Be a Nurturing, Caring Person

Some people by their very nature love to take care of others, Straumietis says. The most successful cannabis growers love to take care of plants.

“Advanced Nutrients scientists work hard to make it way easier for you to grow huge amounts of fire bud,” he explains, “but there’s still a level of care and concern that has you paying close attention to your marijuana plants on a daily basis and enjoying it.”

Being a caring person has practical benefits in your grow room, Straumietis notes.

For example, most grow room disasters come when a grower isn’t paying enough attention.

“When you spend quality time with your plants, you catch and stop problems early before they become catastrophes,” he says. “Whether it’s spider mites, powdery mildew, gray mold, thrips, aphids, drifting pH, or a broken pump timer, your caring attitude helps ensure a rewarding harvest instead of a sad failure.”

Be Self-Disciplined, Focused, & Hungry for Marijuana Knowledge

Straumietis says when he first got interested in growing he read every book on horticulture and agriculture he could get his hands on.

Then he went to hydroponics and gardening stores to look at what marijuana growers were buying. Still wasn’t enough.

So he opened a hydroponics store.

Then he started evaluating hydroponics nutrients products, and asking growers about their experiences with various hydroponics brands.

“I have this thirst for marijuana cultivation knowledge like a man in a desert looking for water, but the old school hydroponics industry has no answers for us,” he recalls. “I was forced to figure it out on my own, build my own grow systems, experiment with grow room designs, and eventually create my own hydroponics nutrients company so marijuana plants could be happy.”

Straumietis says the most successful marijuana growers often hone in on one type of grow system, and seek to master growing their favorite cannabis strains.

But the truly successful growers also experiment with other grow systems, and are always reading magazines like BigBudsMag and talking to other growers about the latest new cannabis strains and upgrading their grow techniques and materials.

“You can never know too much about cannabis cultivation. The more you pay attention and apply what you learn, the more potent your buds will get, the heavier your harvests, and the more fun your grow ops will be,” Straumietis says.

Be Organized

Marijuana growing works best when you’re an organized person who has a grow op game plan.

“When I visit a grow op and see all the hydroponics nutrients bottles lined up on labeled shelves, starting with the base nutrients, and clean reverse osmosis filters, spotless grow room floor, HEPA quality air filtration, clippers and other tools clean and hanging up, I see the organization skills a successful marijuana grower needs,” he says.

These organizational skills extend to pre-planning your yearly marijuana growing seasons, choosing the cannabis seeds or clones you start from, monitoring your drying and curing, knowing when you need to resupply your HID bulbs and other gear.

Straumietis encourages all of us who grow marijuana to realize that even if we lack some of these success skills, all we have to do is set our mind on a course to grow our selves the same way we try hard to grow our best marijuana.

“The message I have for marijuana growers is growing marijuana puts you on the ladder to success, so climb carefully, with energy and focus, believe in yourself and cannabis, and you’re going to love how much higher you get,” Straumietis says.

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