Marijuana GrowingStay safe by avoiding the occupational hazards of marijuana growing!
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Marijuana Growing Occupational Hazards: Avoid Getting Hurt Growing Marijuana

Every job has occupational hazards, and marijuana growing is no exception.

Let’s take a look at occupational hazards of marijuana growing that you want to avoid…

You Can Get Shocked or Electrocuted: You can die in a marijuana grow room because of the potentially lethal combination of electricity and water.

Read this article about marijuana grow room electricity issues.

You Can Get Seriously Burned: It’s happened to many marijuana growers who use high-intensity discharge lighting (HID), especially if they’re using open hoods.

HID hydroponics grow room bulbs are super-hot, and if you brush up against one, it’s going to sear you.

Because marijuana grow rooms have fire risk, you can get burned that way too.

You Can Get Injured By Exploding HID Bulbs: If you pay less than $60 for a new 600 watt or higher-wattage HID bulb, beware… it’s a crappy bulb that could injure you.

Crappy bulbs explode!

Many of the cheaper hydroponics grow bulbs are poorly made.

They might have the wrong gases inside, or the wrong combination of gases.

Cheap hydroponics grow bulbs might have the wrong electronic parts. Or they could have cheap glass.

If you handle HID bulbs with your bare hands, oils from your hands get on the glass and can cause the glass to be more likely to break.

Another problem is that many hydroponics HID ballasts, whether magnetic core and coil or electronic and/or digital ballasts, are cheaply made.

They might send the wrong electronic signals, or amounts and types of electrical current.

All of these factors can make an HID bulb explode.

You Can Get Damaged by Chemicals or C02: The worst skin burn I ever got was from a pH adjusting fluid. That’s why I love pH Perfect base nutrients so I don’t have to use that caustic crap.

You should never use poisonous chemicals in a cannabis grow room.

This includes Eagle 20, Avid, and other poisons that are marketed as fungicides, miticides, etc.

Some marijuana growers spray this stuff on their plants. You can get injured during the spraying by inhaling these products.

When you smoke or otherwise ingest marijuana sprayed with these poisons, you can get poisoned.

And here’s another tip: if you go in your marijuana grow room when you’re adding extra carbon dioxide (C02) or when you have a sulfur burner on, those sulfur fumes can hurt you.

Sulfur burners are used to stop powdery mildew, but sulfur is bad for you to breathe!

HID Hydroponics Grow Lights Can Damage Your Eyes: Wear high-quality ultraviolet-filtering grow room glasses, or risk severely damaging your eyes.

Getting Ripped Off Or Busted: This is the worst occupational hazard for marijuana growers.

Until marijuana is legal at the federal level, you’re never totally safe from police when you’re growing marijuana.

Even in the most legalized states like Colorado and Washington, police can still raid you, even if you’re totally legal.

And as long as marijuana is worth a lot of money, you can bet that rippers are more than happy to rob you of your buds if they can find a way to do it.

Read this article on marijuana growing security.

I could also include hurting your back lifting equipment or huge bales of grow media, getting poked in the eye by a plant stake, inhaling molds and mildews, getting yourself caught in fan blades, burning yourself on ballasts, and getting injured building a grow op and especially when installing lighting, light movers, and similar marijuana growing equipment.

So yeah, marijuana growing has plenty of occupational hazards, but it’s worth it as long as you’re careful!

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