Marijuana Growing Motivation Series: Making Your Dreams Come True

Take a moment to imagine what your life would be like if you had lots of money, a job you love, a healthy body, and a beautiful lover.

This article is the first in a series that helps you use marijuana as motivation to make your dreams come true.

The first step is to ask exactly what your highest goals are.

Ten years ago, my highest goal was to produce the finest connoisseur marijuana.

I wanted to have the skills, experience, equipment, supplies, cannabis genetics, and motivation to grow the heaviest, most potent buds.

My other goals included perfect health, living in a great place, having incredible sex with a loyal lover and partner, big money in my bank account, no debt, lots of friends, a happy family.

The motivation comes from the fact that being a marijuana grower can be your path to making your dreams come true.

For example, you’ve probably seen articles about Subcool, the famous cannabis seed producer and marijuana strain creator.

The dude was broke, a victim of the drug war.

But because he had the motivation to climb higher, he and his allies built TGA Seeds, The Weed Nerd reality television show, massive marijuana gardens, and an empire superb dank.

I’ve seen the same success stories in other marijuana grower’s lives.

They started growing marijuana because they wanted a reliable supply of buds…only to discover they love marijuana growing and want to make it their career.

Especially now that Colorado and Washington marijuana legalization has been OK’d by the federal government, the marijuana gold rush is on.

People just like you and me have motivation to grow their dreams by growing marijuana.

In this article series, you get exclusive insider tips on motivation, self-hypnotism, millionaire’s success strategies, and the inner game of growing, entrepreneurialism, and winning.

You’ll meet winners—like a guy born into a struggling family in the Midwestern United States who went on to build the world’s most professional, marijuana-friendly hydroponics company.

Now there’s one favor I want you to do for yourself right now.

First, get medicated with a marijuana strain that helps your mind focus.

Then watch this incredible, motivating, moving video made by a beloved teacher in the final days before he died.

Watch closely. The video contains a powerful virtual reality segment that’ll send you into deep outer space…and a whole lot more.

It’s all about making your dreams come true—even your wildest dreams.

Using the marijuana motivation tips you’re getting in this series, your wildest dreams can start coming true right now.

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