growing marijuanaWhen you’re growing marijuana in deep water culture or any other system, you need the right marijuana growing tools. Photographer: © Copyright, Kim Carlyle, 2017

The Essential Tools And Supplies You’ll Need to Make Growing Weed A Breeze

Like it or not, us marijuana growers need a complete and complex toolkit of gear and supplies to keep our cannabis plants — and entire grow ops, for that matter — healthy and happy.

Just take a look around our grow rooms to get an idea of the gadgets we can’t live without. And we’ve made it easier for you by picking out the best of the lot. You’re welcome.

To Trap Whiteflies, Fungus Gnats And Other Pests

Many flying insects that plague marijuana grow rooms love the color yellow — and it dooms them. Yellow sticky traps are low-tech, easy to use, and very effective against flying pests that can wreak havoc on marijuana plants. Mount these traps at root zone level, at midpoint, and topmost of your plant canopy.

Seeing In The Grow Room Dark

Wanna check out your grow room during the witching hour, without interrupting your plants’ all-important photoperiod sleep? This green-LED miner’s headlamp from Apollo Horticulture is perfect for nocturnal marijuana grow room adventures during lights out!

Keeping Grow Lights Safe

Adjustable rope hangers for your lights are essential, but some brands are defective and can fail, which means your grow lights run the risk of crashing down.

Apollo Horticulture’s Adjustable Grow Light Rope Hangers have stood the test of time in our grow rooms — I put four leashes on each light, to ensure that even if one or two fails, my lights won’t fall. But feel free to ask your local hydroponics store expert what brand of light leash they feel is most useful and reliable.

Taking Your Hydroponics Nutrients Measure

Hydroponics nutrients and supplements are dosed in milliliters, liters, gallons — and sometimes all that measuring can get a little daunting. What you need is a well-marked, easy-to-read measuring cup to make sure you’re adding the right amount of each magic potion.

With its precise pour spouts and accurate dispenser, Hydrofarm’s Measuring Beaker + Twin Canaries Chart and Pipette makes all that leveling, calculating and tweaking so much easier.

Bud-Trimming Precision Tool

Hand manicuring your buds and removing leaves and stems during growth are some of the most important steps to take when growing your ganja.

There are many makes and models of manicuring scissors, but Hydrofarm’s Precision Curved Blade Pruner is one we’ve reliably and swiftly cut many kilos with.

And while you’ll definitely need to clean those scissors regularly to remove gooey resins, you won’t need to get rid of them when they go dull — because Fiskars’ customized Universal Scissors Sharpener will get you to the point, literally.

Feed, Protect, Bathe Your Cannabis Plants

Every marijuana grow room and outdoor marijuana garden needs a reliable, adjustable, portable sprayer or two. I have one for spraying neem, horticultural soap, AzaMax, and other plant protection formulas.

I have another one I use solely for spraying nutrients and supplements.

Both of them are the same make and model from Hydrofarm, the one-gallon Hudson Weed’n Bug Eliminator Spray, which I’ve found to be very reliable.

By the way, if you want to protect your plants against spider mites, mold, mildew, whiteflies, scale, thrips and other baddies, make a foliar spray with equal parts B-52, Rhino Skin, and SNS-209 rosemary protectant from Sierra Natural Science.

But remember, use no more than 150 parts per million (ppm) and only 2–3 times per week, with pH at 5.7. Spray both sides of all leaves when lights are off.

Keep Your Hands Safe

Whether you’re mixing hydroponics nutrients, trimming sticky buds, or handling sharp stems, you want to wear a pair of these nice latex-free rubber gloves from Black Lightning to keep your mitts from harm.

And Keep Your Eyes Safe, Too!

Marijuana grow-room lights emit intense, wide-spectrum electromagnetic energy, which can be very damaging to your peepers.

Take a look at this selection of glasses from Growers House. You can wear these comfortably in your grow room, and not only do they protect your eyes, but some of them color correct so you see natural colors, even under high-pressure sodium lamps and other non-daylight spectrum lighting.

Precision Curing Your Buds

I’m so glad I discovered Western Humidor’s Caliber IV Digital Hygrometer. These tiny thermometer-hygrometer combo meters fit inside your bud containers, so you get precision measurements that help you properly dry and cure your buds.

Still Trusting Analog!

A lot of people believe that digital thermometers and hygrometers are better than analog. But in my experience, this old school (and visually attractive) wall thermometer and hygrometer from Bjerg Instruments is more reliable than digital, and there are no batteries to replace or electricity to worry about. It comes in an array of stylish finishes, including bronze, copper and antique brass.

Taking Water Out Of Air

If your marijuana grow room is too humid or not humid enough, it alters vapor pressure deficit and your plants suffer.

Cheap dehumidifiers don’t work well. Some cheap brands have been known to catch fire or create electrical short-circuits.

That’s why it’s worthwhile to invest in a quality dehumidifier. Professional cannabis growers most recommend Quest Dehumidifiers, because Quest offers a variety of dehumidifiers for all sizes of marijuana grow ops.

While they may cost more, Quest dehumidifiers give you more bang for your buck. They’re what the 100,000-watt grow op pros use!

Check out the video below for more information.

A Safe Place For Your Buds To Dry

Proper drying preserves your plant’s THC and cannabinoids. To that end, marijuana drying racks should be vertical, stackable, cleanable, and a cinch to use.

Take a look at one of my favorite bud finishing tools — this hanging rack from Stack!t. It’s sturdy, collapsible, simple and maneuverable — all the things you want when it comes to drying your bud.

Dry Sift: Potent And Easy To Make

Don’t make the wasteful mistake of discarding buds that aren’t perfect. I simply freeze them, put them in my dry sift box, shake-shake-shake, et voilà! I have a pile of resin glands to inhale. Those in the know call it dry sift, and anybody can make dry sift with this sturdy dry sift box from Green Goddess Supply.

The Marijuana Odor Eater

A carbon scrubber is essential equipment in any marijuana grow room. It keeps the smell of cannabis from pervading the rest of your space, and it also cleans the air so your plants can breathe easier and are not as likely to be plagued by molds and fungi.

Check out this array of scrubber tech filters from iPower, starting at $88.19.
And here’s a handy reminder: You need a fan that matches the duct size and capacity of your scrubber.

Spray Marijuana Odor Away

When your scrubber can’t handle that dank smell or you’re blazing some potent buds, the best spray to knock odors out is from Ona. Made with small businesses in mind, this mist spray will neutralize odors while imparting a scent of either fresh linen, poly crystal or apple crumble.

Put The Fire Out

If you’re one of the lucky ones, you’ll never have to use these handy Tundra Fire Extinguisher sprays from First Alert. They’re smaller and easier to wield than standard-sized fire extinguishers.

Fire Prevention And Electrical Security

This 12-outlet power strip surge protector from Belkin offers instantaneous circuit-breaking protection.

On a personal note, this baby has detected wall wiring faults and saved me from a grow room fire, making it essential grow op equipment in my books.

Accurate Hydroponics Nutrients Metering

I’ve wasted so much money on cheap pH and ppm meters. I didn’t want to spend much, so I bought meters that cost in the $10–80 range — and they were always inaccurate and quickly failed on me.

I noticed that professional marijuana growers were using the Bluelab Combo Meter, which retails for around $299, so I splashed out with the extra dollars.

The result? It’s extremely reliable, easy to clean and calibrate, and gives you all the metering you need for as little as a couple of batteries.

Get this meter maintenance and calibration kit, also from Bluelab, to keep your meter ticking along perfectly.

Stress Buster For Your Marijuana Plants

No matter what kind of feed program your plants are on, or whether you’re growing in soil, rockwool, aeroponics, deep water culture, coco coir, or soilless mix, this vitamin B formula helps your plants beat stress, grow faster, and yield bigger, stickier buds.

While most of the marijuana growing tools and supplies listed above cost less than $100, the more of these you invest in, the better your marijuana growing outcomes will be.

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