Marijuana GrowingDon’t let your marijuana grow room make you crazy!
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Can Marijuana Growing Make You Go Crazy?

Marijuana growing can be fun and profitable, but especially if you do it for a living, it can drive you crazy.

I don’t just mean that you get a little frustrated or impatient sometimes—I mean that it can create serious mental health issues because you worry so much about your grow op.

One crazy-maker is if you’re growing marijuana for income and it’s your only job, cannabis grow room success or failure means the difference between paying the bills or not being able to pay.

With marijuana wholesale prices dropping, and the price for electricity and other marijuana growing inputs increasing, we feel very pressured to squeeze every possible gram of bud from our plants.

The problem is that marijuana plants aren’t machines. You can’t totally control what they do. Nor can you just replace a part if something goes wrong.

Most marijuana growers have had experiences when you do everything right, and yet your harvests are inferior.

Doing everything right includes: selecting premium cannabis seeds or clones (instead of bag seed), using professional marijuana growing techniques, equipment, and strategies, using professional hydroponics or soil systems and professional hydroponics nutrients or organic nutrients, and controlling your marijuana growing environment to create ideal conditions while blocking pests and diseases.

When you look at the guides to indoor and outdoor growing (you’ll see them on the right-hand side of our website pages), you find out techniques and equipment you use to eliminate the crazy from your grow ops.

For example, I used to go crazy because I had a series of pH meter failures. I started using pH Perfect hydroponics base nutrients for marijuana growing, and the pH problems went away. My nutrients solution was always at 5.7, and I didn’t have to rely on those damned meters anymore.

Goodbye, crazy.

But Nature doesn’t always do what you want. Plants aren’t robots.

You could do everything right for weeks, and then your grow op is ruined by a momentary lapse, an electricity outage (especially if you’re using aeroponics or deep water culture), weak genetics, or other things you didn’t anticipate.

Given the costs of running a professional marijuana grow room and average wholesale retail prices, I view anything less than two pounds of dried bud per light to be a very disappointing result.

What most drives me crazy are marijuana growing problems I can’t figure out or fix.

I’ve had circumstances when my marijuana plants looked like they had nutrients problems but no matter what I did, I couldn’t make things right.

Spider mites and gray mold have also driven me crazy. These two plagues often happen when you’re nearing harvest, and can quickly ruin the marketability of your crops.

Mold even happens after you harvest, ruining all those dank buds just when you’re so glad to have completed another marijuana growing season.

I had to take anger management classes because the unpredictable nature of marijuana growing made me lose my temper so I put my fist through a wall and scared my wife.

She kept telling me my marijuana growing was causing me to “change,” to become a hard person to live with.

In the anger management classes, I learned I was a “control freak” and perfectionist who has a bad temper when things don’t go my way.

The solutions include personal tactics such as deep breathing, time outs, meditation, and lowering my expectations.

They also include increasing my marijuana growing skill, installing back-up systems, planting more marijuana plants, taking vacations in which I shut down my marijuana grow room or have someone else run it, and getting other sources of income so grow room failures don’t have such a catastrophic effect on my life.

Professional marijuana growing is work, and work isn’t always supposed to be fun.

Even if you’re working only with machines, you’ll have times when machines break, production schedules are disrupted, and the machines are hard to repair.

Handling unexpected problems and other frustrations are part of the game of life, I guess.

My advice is to be the most professional master marijuana growers you can be, while also dialing back on irrational insistence on growing perfect plants that never have problems… so you don’t drive yourself crazy like I almost did!

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