Marijuana Growers & Users: Here’s How You Deal With Lawyers & Attorneys

When you get busted for growing, providing, or possessing marijuana, right away you think: “I gotta find a lawyer who’ll save me.

And that’s when your troubles might really begin.

Although nothing in this article is to be construed as legal advice and is for informational and educational purposes only, the sad fact is most criminal defense lawyers and attorneys are in it only for the money.

Not for justice. Not to help you beat the police and prosecutors who’re trying to destroy your marijuana life and freedom.

Many lawyers and attorneys are money sharks. And you are their prey.

Here’s the thing…there are few skilled, dedicated victim-centered criminal defense lawyers who specialize in marijuana defense.

But if you ask a prospective attorney the following questions before you sign a contract with them or give them your money, you can weed out the bad attorneys. Ask them:

  • How much money do you want up front? Does that money include all fees, investigator costs, and other costs? Does it include you providing any and all representation through a jury trial?
  • If you lose the case and I end up convicted of a marijuana crime, will you refund any of the money I paid you?
  • How many marijuana defendants have you represented? What percentage of those cases resulted in full dismissal of all charges with no penalties for the defendants?
  • How often do you advise marijuana defendants to plea bargain? Why do you do that?
  • If I cannot pay all of your retainer or fees up front, will you allow me to pay in installments?
  • Describe any special training or experience you have that specifically qualifies you to help marijuana defendants.
  • Do you believe marijuana should be totally legalized? Are you an activist for marijuana legalization? If not, why not?
  • Are you willing to vigorously attack the honesty and statements of police witnesses and confidential informants? Are you willing to attack search warrants and vigorously impeach evidence and confessions?
  • What is your specific step-by-step strategy for winning my case?
  • What percentage of your marijuana defendants end up doing jail time, only getting probation, being sentenced to rehab, or totally beating all charges?
  • Why should I hire you instead of another marijuana criminal defense attorney?
  • How much pro bono work do you do on behalf of marijuana defendants?

You might feel hesitant to ask these questions, and most attorneys and lawyers are going to act offended by these questions.

They don’t like their customers to ask questions. They just want you to hand over your money and shut up.

Your worst enemies after being busted for marijuana are fear and desperation.

Be strong. You must ask these questions, and carefully weigh the answers.

And if a criminal defense attorney refuses to answer these questions, do not use that lawyer.

He’s not on your side. He’s just trying to profit from your bust. The lawyer will take your money and sell you out.

If a criminal defense attorney tells you he wants many thousands of dollars up front, and admits it only covers the first weeks of your marijuana case, and then you have to pay more for the next phases of your case, realize the lawyer intends to drain you of your money.

I’ve seen marijuana defendants get burned for tens of thousands of dollars by incompetent, greedy lawyers…and still end up in prison.

I highly suggest you read the first article in this series to see the typical story of a marijuana grower who was deeply harmed by criminal defense attorneys.

And stay tuned for more articles that’ll help you avoid being a marijuana grower or user who gets ripped off or sold out by lawyers or attorneys after a bust.

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