hydroponics pH meterMarijuana growers get multiple benefits from a hydroponics pH meter.
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Here’s Why Marijuana Growers Need a Hydroponics pH Meter

When I first bought pH Perfect hydroponics base nutrients to use in my deep water culture (DWC) system, I was tempted to throw away my pH meter.

The pH Perfect hydroponics base nutrients are the only ferts that automatically balance pH to the sweet spot of 5.7 for max absorption of nutrients elements.

But I didn’t get rid of my pH meter, and here’s why…

Use Your pH Meter to Measure Nutrients pH Changes

If you’re not using pH Perfect hydroponics base nutrients you must use a pH meter and adjust your pH.

Not just when you first mix a batch, but as the batch circulates.

Without the pH Perfect system, you’ll see your nutrients solution changing pH even with a few hours of adjusting it.

Some brands of hydroponics nutrients (especially cheaper ones like Botanicare and Heavy 16) have problems with pH buffers.

You must adjust your nutrients res pH frequently, maybe even every day.

Also, you can tell by your nutrients pH changes what individual nutrients elements are being used and if there are any deficiencies or other problems.

Using Your pH Meter for Making Safe Foliar Spray

Foliar spray is often just a few nutrients elements such as magnesium, Vitamin B complex, and potassium silicate rather than a base nutrients application.

You want a slightly acid pH for foliar spray, such as pH 5.7, and you must have a hydroponics pH meter and pH adjusting fluid to make that happen.

Use Hydroponics pH Meter to Check Nutrients Runoff pH

When your leaves have dangers signs (curling, cupping, dropping, spotting, poor coloration, edge tip burning, etc.), it could be that your root zone is the wrong pH.

Using your pH meter, you measure samples of your runoff water to compare the pH going in with the pH going out.

Adjust Root Zone pH–
Especially in Soil, Coco, Rockwool

Different nutrients elements are best absorbed in different specific pH conditions.

The pH that’s best for absorption of nitrogen isn’t the same as the pH that’s best for other elements your marijuana plants need.

For example, calcium and magnesium sometimes lock out (are hard for plants to absorb) if the root zone stays below 6.3.

And there are times when specific strains can’t absorb all nutrients elements unless you adjust root zone pH, so you use a hydroponics pH meter to help in adjusting your nutrients solution and monitor runoff to get your root zone where you need it to be.

So while it’s true that pH Perfect base nutrients and the bud-boosting supplements program that goes with it work together to create stable pH of 5.7 no matter what your originating water is, don’t throw away your hydroponics pH meter.

It’ll come in handy.

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