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Marijuana Growers: Here Are Marijuana Growing Products the Pros Use!

The marijuana growers I network with are professionals who earn a rich living growing the best buds in town.

They’re the “grandmaster” growers who’ve grown marijuana outdoors and indoors, in soil and in hydroponics, running megawatt set-ups that generate tens of thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars in profits.

I’ve been keeping track of what grow products these professional marijuana cultivators use, and followed their example in my marijuana garden whenever I could…with branch-bending results.

I never would have heard of a lot of these items if not for my friendship with these big-time marijuana growers.

Now I’ve compiled this exclusive list of the top products professional marijuana growers use, and I’m giving it to you.

I suggest printing this list and bring it to your hydroponics store or look at online hydroponics stores to familiarize yourself with the products and the pricing.

Invest in these products when you can, and see your yields and THC percentages increase.

Please note: when there are specific types or brand names of marijuana growing products listed in a category, the list starts with the most popular product first…

Professional Marijuana Growers’ Top Products List

Professional Marijuana Growers’ C02 Unit: Sentinel C02 Generator. Cool Flame. Green Air.

Professional Marijuana Growers’ Air Conditioning Unit: KwiKool.

Professional Growers’ Marijuana Grow Systems: About 35% of professional growers have their marijuana in peat-based mixes such as Pro-Mix (usually drip-irrigated using synthetic fertilizers). The others are (in order of popularity): rockwool, coco, water culture (DWC, ebb and flow, aeroponics), supersoil.

Professional Marijuana Growers’ Base Nutrients: For coco: Canna Coco.
For water culture, rockwool, aeroponics, peat-based mixes: Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect bases. House & Garden Hydro 2-part. General Hydroponics 3-part.
For soil: Iguana Juice Grow and Bloom. General Organics. Fox Farm.

Professional Marijuana Growers’ Bloom Boosters: Big Bud. Overdrive. Kool Bloom. Hammerhead.
Organic/Natural Bloom Booster: Nirvana. Green Fuse Bloom. Floralicious Bloom.

Professional Marijuana Growers’ Seedling and Cloning Products: Roots Excelurator. Clonex. Green Fuse Root Stimulator. No Shock. ThriveAlive. Organic B.

Professional Marijuana Growers’ Clone Machines: Botanicare Power Cloner. EZ Clone.

Professional Marijuana Growers’ Carbohydrate-Taste-Aroma Boosters: Unsulfured molasses. Bud Candy. FloraNectar. Sweet. CarboLoad.

Professional Marijuana Growers’ Plant Tonic: Fossil Fuel. Ancient Earth. Organic B. Revive. MaxiCrop Seaweed. Green Fuse Plant Stimulator. Bio Weed. Organicare Pure.

Professional Marijuana Growers’ Hydroponics Lighting: HID metal halide and high-pressure sodium, augmented by plasma. High-output fluorescent for seedlings, and rooting marijuana clones.

Professional Marijuana Growers’ Hydroponics Ballast: Go with Gavita and Hortilux electronic ballasts.

Professional Marijuana Growers’ HID bulb: Ushio Hi Lux. Hortilux.

Professional Marijuana Growers’ Light Mover: Light Rail 5. Hydrofarm Light Track.

Professional Marijuana Growers’ Top Strains: Sour Diesel. AK 47. Cataract Kush. Jack Herer. Girl Scout Cookies. Cherry Pie. Chocolope.

Professional Marijuana Growers’ Air Cleansing/Odor Control: CAN Filters. Phresh Filters. Phat Filters. Ona gel.

Professional Marijuana Growers’ pH/PPM Meters: Blue Lab Combo Meter. Blue Lab Truncheon.

Professional Marijuana Growers’ Automated Controllers: GrowBot Total Control (nutrients dosing; climate; pH; C02, etc.) AutoPilot Greenhouse Master Controller.

The product information comes directly from people who run the biggest, most profitable marijuana grow ops. Talk to a trustworthy hydroponics store about availability and pricing of top-ranked products in each category so you can bring professional marijuana cultivation supplies into your grow room today.

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