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Marijuana Growers: Do These Easy Things to Avoid Getting Busted or Ripped Off

Criminal penalties for pot are disappearing in legalized Washington and Colorado, and medical marijuana cards might protect us from jail, but you can still get busted or robbed if you possess or grow valuable amounts of marijuana.

That’s why marijuana growers need security countermeasures so you grow marijuana and have absolutely no hassles from anyone.

That’s the trick of it—how to grow top-shelf marijuana—and stay under the radar, so your marijuana growing never turns into a dangerous situation for you.

Here are some easy to use tips that can greatly reduce your chances of having security problems because of your marijuana gardening.

  • Block the drones, infrared detectors, night-vision, handheld FLIR! That’s forward looking infrared, and god knows what other crazy shit f’ing nosy people are doing to use high-technology external surveillance to look for “pot-grower patterns” in heat, RFI (radio frequency interference), electricity consumption, and other markers that help detect grow rooms from the outside. Countermeasures are fun but pricey:

Even though you’ve got to make sure that nobody can see light or any other signs of marijuana growing when they’re inside or outside your dwelling, it’s mostly all about removing traces of heat and radio frequency interference so nobody can detect those energies from outside your grow op.

Whatever you can do to remove heat from your marijuana grow area (without lowering your temperatures too much) is a good security countermeasure.

You can get anti-FLIR/heat signature-reducing material to armor your rooms for maximum stealth. In some cases, this blocks RFI too.

Using this material changes the heat and reflectivity dynamic of your room.

In some cases it could be a reflecitivity improvement over white poly, mylar, or dimpled aluminum grow room reflectives. Some pre-engineered grow tents come with blocking reflectives that improve marijuana growing stealth.

You don’t want rippers or the police to see what you do inside your grow room, or to even detect you have a grow room.

Maybe consider going underground: when you have a controlled environment basement grow, that’s pretty hard for helicopter FLIR or other surveillance tech to discover.

  • Stop the Smell. The smell of weed growing or being used is something that we get used to, but if your home or near-perimeter smell like marijuana plants or vaped bud, it’s a security risk.

There’s a full range of techniques, including filtering, treating, ozonating, and masking, that go into odor control. I recommend odor control that comes with anti-microbial and air circulation/exchange benefits, such as combining a UV light, ozone unit, and a high-capacity vent fan/carbon filter.

Be careful not to have your place, your clothes, your car, or your near-perimeter reek of marijuana.

If the smell of marijuana is linked to you personally or to your grow address, it needlessly gives away that you’re involved with marijuana, and can lead to dire consequences.

  • Stay home, and chill. Who wants to go out in the “real world” anyway? I’d rather just sit in my own chosen, safe space watching my marijuana plants grow while micromanaging their grow room climate, and their nutrients solution.

Being home and alert (why have I seen that same strange car and thug-looking dude parked in front of my house the past three days?!?) really is your biggest security tool.

You are a guardian of your marijuana plants, and of the privacy in which you grow them. It’s great to have surveillance systems using infrared exterior and interior wireless cameras, motion sensors, and other surveillance/security tech to protect you…but you being home provides you the greatest level of vigilance and peace of mind.

I always try to organize my life so I spend as much time as possible with my marijuana plants during the last 60% of bloom time.

The added benefit is you pay more attention to your crops, so you can drive them towards maximum THC and achieve the most precise harvest timing.

  • Cover Story:  Fit in, lose the dreads, try not to look or act like Cheech and Chong, remove the marijuana leaf bumper sticker from your car, stop leaving your High Times magazines outside on the front steps, don’t throw away marijuana stems or fan leaves in your trash, don’t tell that new girlfriend you’re a marijuana grower.

Growing top-shelf marijuana is like having a stack of $100 bills in your dwelling. You don’t go ‘round broadcasting that you’ve got a lot of cash, or marijuana…unless you want trouble.

What you grow is worth a lot of money, and even in legalization states police might still choose to harass you if you grow marijuana.

People can be very mean and even dangerous if they find out we grow marijuana. It’s best we keep our marijuana growing a secret. We’re serious marijuana growers and we don’t want to lose what we grow, or our freedom.

So make sure that people who live around you or otherwise interact with you have absolutely no idea you grow marijuana…not by your appearance, speech, or behavior.

Please, growers…keep your marijuana grow on the down low, and avoid getting narked or ripped off.

The goal of these tips is to reduce the risk that your marijuana garden will ever be detected or known about by people who in any way could pose a risk of theft or of getting you in trouble with the police.

No matter how legal marijuana gets, it’s wise to very carefully choose who (if anyone) knows you’re a professional marijuana grower.

The less people who know, the better, so you’re further along the path to effective, full-spectrum marijuana grower security.

Don’t let your guard down. Legal, medical, or black market, marijuana is worth a lot of money, so handle your security situation to ensure maximum safety for yourself, your family, and your marijuana plants!

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