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Marijuana Growers’ Guide to

So now you’ve found the one and only marijuana magazine made by marijuana growers for marijuana growers just like you.

Every one of our writers and photographers is a marijuana grower. Together, we have a combined 153 years of marijuana growing experience!

And what’s most important for you is our ONLY goal here is sharing the latest and most accurate cannabis cultivation information so you get your biggest harvests of your most potent marijuana ever.

That’s why we created this brief guide for how to use our website.

We’ve got hundreds of amazing marijuana cultivation articles that you don’t see when you look at the newest and most popular cannabis-related articles on our home page.

If you’re looking for information on a specific topic and don’t see an article about it on the home page, use our search engine.

Just type in cannabis words, phrases, and topics you’re interested in such as— hydroponics nutrients, lighting, cloning, cannabis seeds, bubblehash, butane honey oil, dry sift, aeroponics, beginner growers, grow rooms, outdoor growing, deep water culture, grow op security, soil, strains, Sativa, Indica, rockwool, legal issues, etc.— and you’ll find dozens of articles containing compelling cannabis information you can’t get anywhere else.

In some cases, your search will give you several pages of search results, so if at first you don’t find the exact marijuana article you’re looking for, go to the next pages.

Another very helpful strategy: at the bottom of each article are several articles related to the one you just read. And below that is a list of our most popular marijuana articles. Whenever you read one article, it leads you on a path to other articles on the same topic.

We also have four special sections: Indoor Marijuana Growing; Outdoor Marijuana Growing; Using Marijuana Successfully; Seeds and Strains Guide.

These sections are visible as illustrated click-throughs in our right-hand border.

Each one contains articles to match the topic theme.

Along with marijuana growing information, we give you the most relevant marijuana news, and marijuana lifestyle information too.

When you’re reading an article, if you see a section of words highlighted in blue, that’s a link to another interesting article on the same topic.

For example, we have female marijuana grower and sex expert Kim Carlyle on our staff.

Kim’s articles give you hot tips on how you use marijuana as an aphrodisiac to supercharge your sex life.

We have writer Daniel Dharma, who brings a spiritual and motivational perspective to marijuana growing.

Whether you’re a beginner marijuana grower, a serious home grower, or a large-scale commercial grower, is the best source for unbiased, professional, grower-tested advice and information guaranteed to make your marijuana stronger, tastier, and more profitable.

Please enjoy, and come back as often as you can. We debut new marijuana articles every week and when you sign up for our brief newsletter, you’ll get a heads-up on all the excitement and fun. 

And remember, is the only magazine made by marijuana growers for marijuana growers. When you read, you get bigger and better harvests of the finest marijuana. Enjoy!!!

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