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Why Marijuana Growers Are Awesome Parents!

You’ve probably heard reports about kids taken away from parents who grow or use marijuana.

Parents who smoke cigarettes, drink booze, have firearms in the home, or give their kids junk food are generally left alone.

I just read about a case where parents left loaded guns easily accessible for their pre-teen son who’d told them he was depressed.

He shot himself and died.

His parents weren’t charged.

But if a parent gets caught with a joint, her or she is often declared an unfit parent and charged with “endangering a minor.”

Their kids are sent to foster homes, where they sometimes get abused.

If parents are growing marijuana, it’s even worse.

Extra felony charges are laid on: “Manufacturing a controlled substance in the presence of a minor.” “Maintaining a drug house.” “Furnishing drugs to a minor.”

Law enforcement, courts, and child protective services can tear Families torn apart because parents use or grow a healing plant!

Or because a parent saves her kid’s life by giving the child high-CBD marijuana to prevent deadly seizures.

The drug warrior propaganda is that marijuana users and growers are bad parents.

I say the opposite: marijuana growers make the best parents.

Here are just three of many reasons why…

Marijuana Growers Are Masters at Paying Attention and Sensing Needs

Unlike human children, our marijuana plants  can’t speak our language. They can’t even squeal, cry, run a fever, or fling poop at us.

That’s why marijuana growers develop super-sensitivity that helps them decipher whether their canna-babies are happy or suffering.

Coupled with this special empathy is the enhanced ability to focus on the needs of the green friends who provide us our THC and other cannabinoids.

Being attentive and training yourself to have intuitive ability to detect what’s wrong, before your loved ones explicitly tell you what’s wrong… those are just some of the valuable parenting skills you uniquely acquire from raising marijuana plants.

Marijuana Growers Value Safety, Security and Sanity

Professional marijuana growers rehab their homes from top to bottom — from electrical panels to air circulation to security risks.

We remove old insulation, wiring, furnaces, air conditioners, lighting, carpets, plumbing, drywall, etc., and replace them with premium materials to make our grow houses a fortress that blocks human, animal, insect and microbial intruders.

We use the latest climate control, water filtration, security systems and air filtration.

A hydroponics grow house is a clean machine when we do it right.

In our personal lives as parents and community members, professional marijuana growers live under the radar.

We’re quiet, invisible, and out of sight.

We follow all traffic laws.

We’re the ideal neighbors who don’t have barking dogs or loud parties.

We don’t flick cigarette butts into the street in front of our house.

Marijuana growers are good citizens!

The homes and lifestyles of the many professional marijuana growers who are my friends and associates are cleaner, safer, and saner than the average non-hydroponics home!

Medical Marijuana Parents Understand Nutrition, Health & Proper Environment

Children — whether plants or human — face bad guys at every turn.

Whether it’s perv coaches, wacky neighbors, diseases, air pollution, GMO-laden junk food, foul water, intense heat or cold…our kids are growing up in a harsh, Darwinian world.

To the rescue, marijuana growers try to make our world as nice as possible.

We’re “eliminators of harsh.” We’re providers of Nature’s own Kind medicine.

Sometimes it takes a little extra work to make sure that you’re a good parent while growing marijuana.

Smart growers sometimes rent, co-share or buy a second location so they don’t have a grow room in the home with their kids. It’s all about what’s best for the little ones.

Medical marijuana growers sometimes find out the hard way that in your hydroponics marijuana grow room, what you give is what you get.

By providing quality hydroponics nutrients, clean, fresh air, reverse osmosis water, ideal temps and humidity, and a clean grow room environment, we do our best to give our plants the best.

We witness what happens when we give them inferior food, care, or environment — they crash and burn.

Same is true when you’re raising kids.

And as with marijuana plants, genetics play a role in outcomes.

Messy grow room and bad nutrients ruin outcomes even if you’re growing the best cannabis genetics.

Similarly, if a parent gives kids a Jerry Springer/junk food/trashy home environment, a troubled child could result.

Give your kids the healthiest food, great home environment, lots of love and attention, you’ve done your best, and in many cases your best is way better than parents who wouldn’t know an HID from a Kush clone.

What you find is that taking good care of medical marijuana plants schools you for taking good care of children.

Of course, I’ve met marijuana growers who are lousy parents.

But I know dozens of marijuana growers who raise their human children and cannabis children with more attentiveness, love, and optimized environment than you see amongst non-marijuana growing parents.

It comes from raising cannabis plants you deeply love and care about.

What drug war liars need to realize is that growing marijuana trains you to be a superior parent!

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