marijuana grow roomProtect your marijuana grow room with a device that costs less than $100!

Get This Low-Cost Marijuana Grow Room Wi-Fi Security Camera

I had a warehouse grow op that got broken into.

The bastards came in through a skylight.

I had motion sensors but they didn’t alert me.

I lost 17 pounds of Bubba Kush!

My solution was to purchase Uokoo IP cameras.

They’re inexpensive surveillance devices for your marijuana grow room and/or outdoor gardens.

They transmit via Wi-Fi to iOS, Android, tablets, Apple or Windows computers—so you have remote visual and audio access to your room.

You can remotely pan and tilt the camera to see almost the entire marijuana grow room.

The camera has night vision capabilities so you can see your grow op and even record video on an SD card using the iSmartView app.

The camera has a motion alert system that takes photos and email alerts you if someone is moving around in the room.

Using an app, you can view up to four cameras worth of live streaming on your phone, or up to 64 live streams on your computer.

What’s really great, and I wish I’d have had it when the people were robbing my marijuana grow room, is that the camera has a built-in speaker and two-way audio.

So if I’d have had this technology installed and was alerted by the camera when my grow op was being burgled, I’d have gotten on the speaker and said: “Hey rippers, I’m arriving in a couple of minutes with my Tec 9, lots of ammo, and my security team. If you want to keep breathing, get the hell out now!”

Uokoo also makes waterproof surveillance cameras for the outside of your grow house and if you’re growing outdoors.

As with all Wi-Fi devices and apps, it takes work to get the cameras to talk properly to your electronics.

Some people in online reviews say they’re dissatisfied with the Uokoo cameras because it was hard to get the wi-fi and app connectivity to work properly.

I’m satisfied.

Once you’ve got everything set up, you have an inexpensive two-way communications network for monitoring your marijuana grow room.

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