3+ pounds per lightLeading hydroponics nutrients expert shows how you grow 3+ pounds per light!

Hydroponics Nutrients Pioneer’s 3+ Pounds Per Light Marijuana Grow Room Videos

We’d all love to harvest 3+ pounds per 1000-watt light!

Now Advanced Nutrients founder and owner Michael Straumietis has made marijuana grow room videos that help you get the stacks of fat buds you desire.

Straumietis is the only fertilizer and hydroponics nutrients manufacturer who has professional marijuana-growing experience and whose products are tested on cannabis and designed to boost marijuana yields and potency.

As part of his company’s ongoing research, Straumietis spends plenty of time in legal marijuana West Coast cannabis grow rooms where growers routinely harvest 3+ pounds per light.

“Ten years ago, Advanced Nutrients helped growers break the 2+ pounds per light barrier,” he explains. “Now, our hydroponics nutrients are part of the recipe for getting 3+ pounds per light. I’m stoked to see them growing literally mountains of buds, with THC percentages at 30% or even higher!”

In the marijuana growing videos embedded in this article, you accompany Straumietis on exclusive visits to professional grow rooms.

“These growers are pushing plants to their maximum yield,” he said. “Some of these growers using Advanced Nutrients are getting 4+ pounds of dry weight per light, and the potency, taste, and scent are superb too.”

Straumietis notes that many high-yielding grow ops are “sealed rooms” featuring precise environmental control and input control.

“I adapted the sealed grow room concept for marijuana grow ops 25 years ago when I was consulting with horticultural scientists,” he recalls. “A sealed grow room increases productivity, privacy, security, and totally protects your valuable plants from pests and diseases.”

Watching these 3+ pounds per light videos is a master class in high-yield growing.

The videos aren’t long, but they’re packed with bigger-yields strategies.

C02 burners, nutrients reservoirs, grow room temperatures, exhaust fans, root zone media, cloning and growing from seed, transplanting, veg and bloom phase timing, hydroponics lighting, marijuana grow room climate control, crop flushing, and other cannabis cultivation topics… all in one short video series!

“Advanced Nutrients base nutrients and supplements are what people are using in the biggest-producing grow rooms,” he reports. “The line-up includes our pH Perfect hydroponics base nutrients along with bloom boosters Bud Ignitor, Big Bud, Nirvana, Bud Factor X, and Bud Candy. Check out these videos and you’ll see what I mean.”

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