Marijuana Grow Room Man CaveMake your marijuana grow room into a man cave. © Copyright, Gary Anderson, 2017

Why You Should Have a Marijuana Grow Room Man Cave

You get a lot more from your marijuana grow room when you make it a man cave.

You’re in your man cave grow room more often, so you monitor your marijuana plants and grow room more often and for longer durations.

You notice problems faster and easier, and fix them sooner.

You notice differences in growth rate, plant structure, odor, bud development and other features so you can better decide how to grow your marijuana plants and which marijuana strains give you the most pleasure.

But that’s just a few of the benefits.

Because your marijuana grow room is a climate-controlled environment with artificial lighting, being in your grow room gives you fresh oxygen, pleasant temperatures, and strong hydroponics lighting all year round.

Your marijuana plants benefit too.

I’ve been in marijuana grow room man caves that have boxing dummies, weights, inversion tables, massage tables, stationary bicycles, treadmills, and general workout gear.

You watch your grow room’s carbon dioxide (CO2) levels rise as you inhale oxygen created by your marijuana plants and exhale C02.

Exercising in your marijuana grow room is a super-efficient, free, and healthy way to increase grow room C02.

Increased C02 makes your plants grow faster, mature earlier, and produce bigger buds.

Instead of having to pay for a C02 generator or tank C02, your exhalations increase ambient C02 levels.

Other than exercise gear, what kinds of man cave accessories do you want in your grow room?

Many cannabis growers put a flat screen television, in-home theater and audio, dab rigs, gaming and other entertainment devices in their man cave.

You can also put in a futon mattress.

Because having sex in your grow room is a sweet way to add extra C02 from all that passionately sexual heavy breathing.

You might put in a fresh-water aquarium, especially if you do aquaponics growing.

Aquaponics growing is when you have a large freshwater aquarium system and use some of the aquarium water as irrigation water.

Fish poop into the water, creating nutrients that feed your plants.

When you use your marijuana grow room man cave it needs to be kept clean and protected from pathogens, airborne debris, molds, mildews, and pests.

Your man cave should be comfortable, but don’t bring in dogs, or wear dirty clothes.

Watch out for your shoes and socks.  They can easily transfer pests and diseases into your marijuana grow op.

A marijuana grow room man cave gives you many benefits that make better use of grow op space, resources, and infrastructure!

In fact, creating a man cave in an unused room, shed, garage, basement or other space is very similar to creating a marijuana grow room.

One other marijuana grow room man cave tip: be sure to wear sunglasses and clothing made specifically to protect your eyes and skin from harmful ultraviolet and other wavelengths generated by grow lights.

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