Marijuana Grow Room Disasters: Avoid, Handle & Never Give Up

My marijuana grow buddy RMC called me in the middle of the night and I could tell from his voice he’d had a marijuana growing disaster.

The air conditioning for his 8,000-watt HID grow room failed for at least 42 hours, and his cannabis plants were toast due to high temperatures.

His panic and depression got me thinking about what marijuana growers can do before, during, and after grow room disasters.

Because let’s face it, if you grow marijuana long enough, you’re likely to experience a disaster.

The first thing to do is prevent disasters.

If my friend had used remote telemetry to warn him via an android, other device, or home computer, or if he or a grow helper had been visiting the marijuana grow room every day, he’d have discovered the air conditioning problem a lot sooner.

Another way to head off grow cannabis room disasters is to routinely inspect and test your entire marijuana grow op from top to bottom.

Every piece of hydroponics equipment, your water source and filtration, your hydroponics nutrients, your electrical outlets, wiring, and panels, pH meters, your lights and light-fastening devices—examine all of it.

Look for where potential trouble could come from. Too many wires over there. Wires near water over here. An HID bulb with too many hours on it. A weird hum from a ballast.

A pH meter that’s hard to calibrate. A light stand or light mover that’s shaky. You get the idea.

Also…armor your marijuana plants. Somebody wrote an article about that, where they used special hydroponics nutrients like potassium silicate to make their marijuana plants stronger.

There’s no guaranteeing that if you armor your marijuana plants they’ll be able to survive when the grow room goes to 125F due to an air conditioning failure, but if you’ve armored them, they’ll have a better chance of surviving.

During a grow room disaster, take deep breaths, and focus on being calm and rational. Look for solutions. Try not to think about how much money or buds you’ve lost. Try not to get crazy angry.

Ask solution-oriented questions…

Do you have a marijuana grow buddy who can take your plants until you can fix your grow room?

Or maybe you have a marijuana grow buddy who’ll cut you some new clones or provide marijuana seeds so you can start over again right away.

But before you start over again right away, do a full spectrum analysis of your marijuana growing.

What caused your grow room disaster and what can you do to make sure it never happens again?

Yes, you may have to spend money on new and better equipment. Or if there’s been a fire or flood, you might be rebuilding an entire hydroponics marijuana grow room.

As you invest in replacement equipment or do your marijuana grow room rebuild, be glad for the chance to do it better so you improve your safety, security, and bud output.

The main thing about marijuana grow room disasters is that just like any disaster, they can spook you and maybe you consider giving up.

Hopefully, that’s a temporary feeling that goes away after the initial shock of the disaster is gone.

Because if there’s one thing I’m sure of, it’s that you love growing and using marijuana. Pick up the pieces, build a better grow op, and move forward!

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