Marijuana Gifts for Marijuana-Loving Family & Friends

Whether it’s for Christmas or any time of year when you want to give presents to people who love marijuana, here are some Kind marijuana gift ideas for you to consider:


weed pillow case











                                                                             Nugs On Nugs Weed Throw Pillow Case – $35.00

Imagine sitting in your living room after taking a big hit. Sometimes you just want to lay back, mellow out, and listen to tunes. What better place to rest your head than a gorgeously printed weed pillow case? Perfect for the bedroom, living room, or any old couch, chill out and get your loved ones comfortable.



Nutiva Hempseed Oil – $8.99

Everyone loves edibles, so how about a little hemp to maximize your health? This 100% organic, cold-pressed hemp oil makes a classy addition to salads, sauces, dips and more. Not only does it boast an incredible nutty flavor, it’s filthy rich in Omega-3’s and Vitamin E.











Stonerware Ice Cube Tray – $9.90 

Novelty ice trays are a gas but this one takes the cake. Stonerware is a fabulous kitchenware company with some very creative product ideas, from pot leaf cookie cutters to muffin trays. Their ice tray is where it is at! As one reviewer on Amazon said so fittingly, “Can’t get enough of this ice tray!” Plus it can be used to make marijuana candies too.




Puff Pop: The Smoke & Lick Pipe – $2.99

Sometimes there are things in life that just make the perfect gift. We qualify a Puff Pop as one of those special treats. “Puff pops allow you to carry around a functioning pipe that is nothing more then a discreet, completely legal piece of candy,” says the company’s website. “Use the puff pipe once or over and over again…. When you are finished smoking you can enjoy your pipe as a delicious candy treat”. A marijuana pipe that doubles as munchies food. Gotta love it.






The Joint Rolling Handbook: Expert Edition – $29.99

One of the originals and simply the best, The Joint Rolling Handbook is a present for two reasons. One, whoever you give it to will love it and two, it will make for an incredibly entertaining time as you try out these joint designs.



Poke ‘N Smoke Instant Water Pipe Kit – $5.74

This instant water pipe kit is for those survivalists out there, always catching themselves in inopportune situations when it comes to smoking marijuana. After they get their hands on this kit, they’ll be turning everything into a pipe, from water bottles to apples to breadsticks. Just watch them get creative.

marijuana phone case

Marijuana Smart Phone Case – $5.99

How can you make sure your bud buddies don’t come to you with a sad tale of accidental smart-phone smashing woe? Get them a cool smart phone case that is decked out with a snazzy pic of Mary Jane. They’ll love showing it off.



Weed Pattern Macbook Keyboard Stickers – $11.00

If your favorite marijuana smoker is on the computer all the time, why not liven up their keyboard with a weed-patterned print? These easy-to-paste-on stickers will jazz up any keyboard and are handmade in California.



J-Tube – $9.50

This airtight joint holder will make sure that special someone never suffers from crushed joint syndrome again. Made of high grade nickel-plated aircraft alloy, the tube comes in a fat or thin shape for those that like it big and those that prefer their pinners.

The Official High Times Cannabis Cookbook: More Than 50 Irresistible Recipes That Will Get You High – $16.99

Bake some cannabis munchies thanks to this tasty marijuana cookbook!

420 Adult Footie Onesie Pajamas

Weedman Route 420 Adult Footie Onesie Pajamas with Hood – $38.00

Basically just to laugh your ass off. But they have to promise to wear it every time they smoke.


Yes We Cannabis Poster – $5.99

Yes, we can(nabis)! Get daily inspiration from this kick-ass motivational poster, and we hope that all the items in this article will make for better gift shopping for the marijuana growers and users in your life.

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