marijuana dabsBeautiful, pure cannabinoid crystals are the new evolution for marijuana dabs.

Marijuana Dabs Revolution: Using Pure THCA, CBD, Terpenoids

Back in the day, the only options people had for getting high were smoking buds or hashish, and by eating medibles.

Then came hash oil, solvent extracts, marijuana dabs, rosin, oral extracts, and topical oils.

Now a new type of marijuana dabs products has arrived, mostly in legalized marijuana states.

It’s marijuana dabs made of extracts containing individual cannabinoids such as THCA, CBD, THCV, along with terpenoids.

Using these new configurations of marijuana dabs, you can ingest and combine cannabinoid and terpenoid types, percentages, and combinations that wouldn’t be possible any other way.

The team has been sampling these new forms of marijuana dabs, and they give you highs totally unlike regular marijuana.

The highest quality of this new style of marijuana dabs we’ve tested comes from a California-based company called “The Furnace.”

Their team of biologists, chemists, scientists, and cannabinologists are pushing the boundaries of cannabis extraction.

Because The Furnace supplies bulk individual cannabinoids and terpenoids, some brands of marijuana dabs products sold at dispensaries contain cannabis materials provided by The Furnace.

The Furnace’s house brand of cannabis products is called “Soul Fire.”

When I sampled their Blue Dream THCA, it didn’t feel like any cannabis high I’d ever experienced.

It was more stark than the differences between the high you get with bud versus dabs, or medibles versus smoking.

Even though my THCA dab was only slightly larger than the head of a pin, it hit me hard,  like if you combined a Quaalude and psilocybin mushrooms!

marijuana dabs

During another sampling session, I dipped a pure Sativa bud into some Soul Fire Grape Jesus terpenoid oil.

With the terpenoids added, the high was very different, almost psychedelic, much more intense, somewhat like DMT.

The experts at The Furnace explained to me why their products produce unique effects.

For example, THCA converts directly to THC when you dab it, so you’re inhaling pure THC.

Terpenoids moderate cannabinoids.

With Soul Fire terpenoids and cannabinoids you can experiment with your own personalized combinations to create different highs and medical effects.

The Furnace uses fractional distillation, molecular fractionation, online and inline chromatography, crystallization, and other proprietary materials, equipment, and tactics that go way beyond typical marijuana dabs manufacturing processes.

Much of the lab equipment is custom-made for The Furnace by welders, fabricators, and glass-blowers.

The Furnace ensures purity of its products using a rigorous internal quality control program in compliance with ISO7 Class 10,000, standards, ISO 13485, and ISO 9001 international production and documentation requirements.

It uses an impressive array of customized equipment, way beyond what standard cannabis laboratories use, to do exhaustive testing and analytics that provide precise details about every product they produce.

Processes and procedures used by The Furnace result in very pure marijuana dabs material.

It isn’t the hard-as-rock shatter we’re used to.

It’s glowing wafers of pure cannabinoids, as well as amber-colored terpenoid oils.

When I asked The Furnace experts to explain how their new types of cannabis product are used, here’s what they said:

  • Using individual cannabinoids, especially THCA and other cannabinoids not available from combusted or vaporized cannabis, provides new experiences that broaden the range of body and psychoactive effects you get from cannabis.
  • You combine individual cannabinoids from one strain of cannabis with terpenoids from a different strain to complement each other.
  • Medical users who want the many medical benefits of individual cannabinoids, raw forms of cannabinoids such as THCA, or terpenoids can use some The Furnace products without necessarily experiencing a marijuana high.
  • The Furnace products are mostly intended to be used as pure dabs using marijuana dabs rigs, but can be mixed in with whole buds, or with other extracts.
  • Unlike many marijuana extract products, especially those made in home labs, The Furnace Soul Fire products have verifiably zero trace of solvents or other impurities. They’re safe, pure, and very very clean!

marijuana dabs

As professional cannabis processors and extract producers like The Furnace create more and more marijuana extracts, the menu of highs and medical marijuana effects is expanded.

I’ll always enjoy bubblehash, dry sift, live resins, shatter, budder, rosin, hash oil, whole buds, and marijuana medibles.

But marijuana dabs products like Soul Fire are catching fire.

Take a look at the fascinating photos of The Furnace Soul Fire products in this article—you’re seeing another huge step in the evolution of cannabis use!

Photographs of the marijuana dabs in this article are courtesy of © Copyright, @constantconcentrates, 2016.

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