Marijuana Christmas PresentsPile up the cannabis presents for the favorite growers and stoners in your life.

Merry Marijuana Christmas Presents for Cannabis Growers

Here are the merry marijuana Christmas gifts you and your plants will love…

The latest craze in marijuana concentrates is “dry sift.” Pure, solventless, tasty, potent, easy to make when you have a bubblebox or a less-expensive sifting box that has screens and an enclosure.

When you’ve got your dry sift hashish, what do you use to inhale it?

After all, it melts when you put flame to it.

If you want to combine two highs, put a little bud in a pipe and put the dry sift on top of it.

The purest way is to get a special dab rig to inhale dry sift, bubblehash, errl, shatter, budder, butane honey oil, and many other cannabis extracts.

One amazing online store has a rad collection of dab rigs, and somebody should buy one as a marijuana Christmas gift for you.

The good ones cost at least $180, but just think of all the incredible highs you’re gonna get!

When you want to give your marijuana plants a happy Christmas, give them reverse osmosis water.

One of the leading causes of marijuana plant problems is bad water.

You’d be horrified to know what’s in most tap water and well water.

Water pollution interferes with pH, and with your plants’ ability to absorb nutrients and develop healthy roots.

Some forms of water pollution can directly poison and even kill your marijuana plants!

So definitely have Santa bring you a quality hydroponics reverse osmosis unit, so you only use zero parts per million water when you start mixing your nutrients.

Speaking of water, your plants like it when you spray the top and bottom of their leaves with pure reverse osmosis water or with water combined with hydroponics nutrients products such as Rhino Skin.

Problem is, most foliar spray devices suck. A good one is the Solo 1-liter, and it’s less than $20.

Speaking of hydroponics nutrients, your plants want tasty marijuana Christmas presents in the form of nutrients made specifically for marijuana that automatically balance and maintain pH in a 5.6 sweet spot that’s perfect for marijuana roots and nutrients intake.

Along with these revolutionary new easy-to-use hydroponics nutrients, in bloom phase your cannabis plants will love a sweet treat called Bud Candy that fuels plant growth, bud development, bud taste and scent, and cannabinoid formation.

When your cannabis plants realize that you’re giving them hydroponics nutrients made just for them, rather than for tomatoes or cucumbers, they’ll reward you with faster growth, bigger buds, and more gooey, potent resins!

Along with super-clean water and super-effective nutrition, give your marijuana plants super-clean air too.

When you get a large-size grow room carbon filter and the correct size exhaust fan to go with it, you filter your air and reduce marijuana odor too.

Here’s another present for your marijuana roots: a professional chiller to keep grow room nutrients water at the correct temperature.

Another great marijuana Christmas present is a pair of grow room sunglasses.

Why would you need special marijuana grow room glasses?

It’s because most HID lighting sends out radiation that can harm your eyes.

And hydroponics grow lights make your marijuana plants’ colors look unnatural, so you have a harder time seeing leaf problems, pests, and diseases.

With Method Seven hydroponics grow room glasses tailored for metal halide, high pressure sodium, LED, and other hydroponics lighting situations, you get natural looking plants, better vision, and your eyes are protected.

You know how a lot of times for Christmas people will give a big book full of gorgeous photos of Nature, cars, girls and other visual topics?

The best marijuana picture book I’ve ever seen is Dank 2.0, which you can preview here and buy here.

And of course any grower who’s been nice instead of naughty deserves to have Santa bring the best cannabis genetics in the world.

So have Santa and his elves turn to TGA Subcool seeds.

TGA has everything from nearly-pure Sativas, to purps, to frosty, delicious Indica.

If you want sweet, warm lovemaking on a cold holiday evening, take a look at this article that explains how to use hashish and other cannabis concentrates as a powerful sexual stimulant.

For storing buds, people should give you the gift of the C-Vault system.

The stainless steel containers combined with humidity control packs work great.

If you need to transport or ship sticky, smelly, gooey buds somewhere without anyone being able to smell that dank scent, use the best sealing equipment– see it now.

And finally, to solve that ever-present problem of being able to see in your hydroponics grow room when the lights are off, have someone give you green-light tech so you can see in the room without messing with your plants’ photoperiod situation.

So hey… from all your grower friends here at, we wish you a merry marijuana Christmas and a stony new year that gives you your biggest and best buds ever!!!

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