Marijuana Sativa IndicaThis beautiful young Sativa bud has at least eight more weeks in bloom phase.
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Grow These Sweet, Rare Sativa Marijuana Strains

In our previous two articles on pure Sativa marijuana, we talked about special characteristics Sativa strains have, and how to grow Sativa strains to get your maximum bud size and cannabinoid potency.

We polled our worldwide cadre of professional cannabis growers to give you the dankest Sativa marijuana strains you can grow right now.

Here are the sweet Sativa strains you’ll love to grow and smoke:

Aphasia Haze, from Lady Sativa Genetics.  This knockout strain inhaling comes from Super Silver Sour Diesel Haze crossed with Orange Diesel.

If you think this strain has a potent taste and smell, you’re right.

You’ll be waiting 69-77 days before this hard-hitting honey is ripe for the picking.

Eldorado, from Nirvana Sativa Seeds. A favorite cannabis strain in Europe.

It’s a landrace pure Sativa that takes 12-14 weeks to fully mature in bloom phase.

The buds tend to be thin and somewhat airy, but due to the massive THC percentage and the intense buzzing high, this strain is highly desired.

Durban Poison, from Sensi Seeds: The original genetics for this strain were sourced direct from South Africa and have been carefully bred and enhanced with reliable pure-Sativa genetics from the same region.

One of the main benefits of Durban Poison is it sometimes ripens in less bloom time than other Sativas, with some growers reporting a 55-65 day bloom period.

Another benefit is that this marijuana strain yields more, and is shorter, than most Sativa strains.

The high is psychedelic and stimulating, making it a good daytime marijuana.

Don’t use Durban Poison if you need to relax or go to sleep!

Feed this heavy hitter with Big Bud, Nirvana, and Bud Candy for extra large yields.

Zamaldelica from Ace Seeds comes from a pure African Sativa sourced from an island near Madagascar crossed with Golden Tiger.

It has an 11-14 week bloom phase, as much as 24% THC and virtually no CBD.

That’s why it has psychedelic effects that may resemble a mild dose of LSD or mescaline!

Sour Tangie is an 80-20 Sativa-dominant with a relatively short flowering time (61-66 days).

If you feed it quality hydroponics base nutrients such as Sensi pH Perfect, Sour Tangie races out of the gate and will go crazy in grow phase.

I recommend cutting grow phase off at 3-4 weeks, because this one will add 2-6 feet in bloom phase.

Super resinous and stinky, this isn’t the right weed to grow if you’re worried about marijuana odor!

Raspberry Cough, from Sativa Seeds is a Cambodian landrace that develops purple hairs and blue leaves in late bloom.

Even if you top this plant, it will grow tall and thin, which makes it useful for a Sativa sea of green approach.

This marijuana strain is ripe between 75-79 days after you put it into bloom phase.

Outlaw Amnesia from Dutch Passion: A pure Haze crossed with Amnesia to create a powerhouse, high-yielding strain with Diesel and Haze traits.

Extremely high resin product for a nearly 100% Sativa.

The strain is listed as a nine-week bloom phase, but in our experience you want to go as long as the resin glands tell you to go, which could be 10-12 weeks.

After week nine, you could reduce your daylength to 11 hours to encourage ripening.

At the same time, apply Overdrive and Nirvana along with your hydroponics base nutrients.

You’ll see the buds and resins swell up.

The addition of Kush genetics gives you a shorter flowering time (60-74 days), and heavier yields than most Sativas.

Add Kushie Kush bloom booster and Big Bud, and you’ll get an even heavier harvest of this fine Sativa, and more of that subtle chocolate taste.

Kali Mist, from Serious Seeds is called the Sativa Queen because it sets the standard for pure Sativa strains and has done for several decades.

Give it no more than 5 weeks in grow phase, and be ready to support this plant with stakes, nets, or thread support, because it grows very tall.

This is a marijuana strain that handles outdoor settings very well, so if you live in a place where your climate allows you to put your plants out so that they’re about 6 weeks old by late June, and can wait until early October to harvest, you can get 15-foot tall plants and large yields of elegant buds.

The Kali Mist high almost feels like LSD mixed with speed, so be careful if you’re prone to paranoia and anxiety.

It might take as long as three months for these beautiful marijuana flowers to mature in bloom phase, but the high, taste, and fascinating structure of the Kali Mist buds is worth the wait.

I highly recommend Vortex, from TGA Seeds, as a faster-finishing mostly-Sativa marijuana hybrid.

This easy to grow, high-yielding, delicious strain won a High Times Sativa Cannabis Cup, and when you grow it and inhale it, you see why.

What I love most about Vortex is that even though it’s 80% Sativa and puts your head on an elevator into outer space, it also grows dense, yields big, and has a 52-61 day bloom phase, depending on the phenotype that sprouts from your TGA cannabis seeds!

I feed Vortex Bud Ignitor, which stimulates this marijuana strain’s natural tendency to produce many many budding sites.

Now we’ve given you the information you need to grow premium Sativa marijuana so you too can experience the stimulating, psychedelic high.

Enjoy the head rush!!!

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