Marijuana Grow Room

Making the Most of Your Off-Season Marijuana Grow Room

When you shut down your marijuana grow room for your summer break, security concerns, or other reasons, that’s the time to look at your marijuana gardening situation and make it better so you get bigger harvests with more THC…faster and easier.

Here are three ways to do that:

Clean your marijuana grow space from top to bottom.

I personally hate cleaning and wish I could hire a grow room maid. Especially one who is hot and sweet.

A super-clean grow room produces the most and best marijuana because your marijuana plants are protected from diseases, debris, particulates, and pests.

I found out the hard way about grow room cleanliness when I took several pounds of Lemon Skunk to a medical marijuana dispensary.

They refused to buy it because their microscopic examination showed tiny hairs embedded in the sticky buds. Hairs that came from my dog, even though my dog had never been in the grow room.

The hairs had gotten on me and also into my home’s heating/cooling system and ducts.

I found another home for my dog.

Then I took the marijuana grow room interior apart, including removing the white poly plastic from the walls.

Vacuumed everything, including the ducts, and treated all surfaces with fungicide and bleach.

That was the first step in my marijuana grow room makeover. Next step…

Replace and Retrofit Hydroponics Equipment, and other gear.

I cleaned my grow room,  looking for equipment that was too dirty to clean, or that had let me down during my marijuana growing seasons.

In most cases, I opted to replace equipment rather than try to restore it. I got new fans, new HID bulbs, new irrigation tubing and drip emitters, new poly plastic.

I hid everything and then had a professional electrician put in a new, upgraded electrical panel, circuit box, and wiring.

Yes this all cost money, but I’ve found that with marijuana growing, the more you spend, the more and better buds you get.

And the more fun the growing is.

Re-design your grow room. While there are no cannabis plants in there, take a look at marijuana grow videos and books…what they say about grow room design and equipment.

Think about your previous marijuana growing seasons and what went wrong.

In my case, I simply did not have enough room for the number of plants I wanted to grow. My marijuana plants were too wide and too tall for the space I had.

I seriously considered tearing down some walls and even raising the ceiling.

I also remembered how hard it was to keep the room cool enough and to do air exchange and odor control.

Heat, lack of clean air, and too much marijuana smell had been big worries during my previous marijuana grow, and were among the main reasons I stopped growing marijuana while I figured out what to do.

In some cases you have to make radical changes to give your marijuana plants what they really need. I spent about $700 and put in five full days of labor in between grows doing retrofitting, replacing and re-designing.

The payoff was obvious when my plants weren’t crowded in on each other, my daytime temps were a steady 74F instead of fluctuating up and down as high as 85F.

Plus, there was more room for wide-diameter, large root zone marijuana plants that produced 25-40% more buds per plant because they had the space to branch out and breathe.

As an added benefit, I didn’t have dog hairs in my buds anymore, so the medical marijuana dispensary gave me top dollar for a new harvest of top-shelf Lemon Skunk and Granddaddy Purps.

Check out this great book about hydroponics grow room design and building.

A shut-down marijuana grow room isn’t producing any THC for you, and it’s hard to take time off from growing if you love marijuana horticulture as much as I do.

But many growers shut down for the summer, for holidays, or for security reasons.

Make the most of the off-season by analyzing your indoor marijuana growing situation and making whatever adjustments are going to improve the ease, efficiency, and grams per watt you get. The effort and expenditures pay for themselves in increased harvest weight and less grower hassle.

One of my marijuana grower associates did his grow room analysis and decided to change his hydroponics system to the one you see in the video at the end of the article.

Caution: if you’re growing marijuana old school, this video may break your heart!

You can easily see that the water culture hydroponics nutrients delivery system, the pre-fabricated built-in ventilation, air-flow, and netting system, and the automation, really takes marijuana growing to the next level so even a beginning marijuana grower can get professional results from their very first marijuana grow.

It’s easy to see that it’s worth the investment of time, money, and effort when you implement tactics that make a better hydroponics grow room environment for your marijuana plants.

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