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Making a Cheap Indoor Grow Room for Marijuana

In two previous articles I talked about losing my home, woman, and grow room because my woman betrayed me.

I had to move in a hurry and ended up so broke that I could only afford to grow outdoors.

I had numerous setbacks as outdoor growers often do, and found out again why I prefer an indoor grow room.

But I didn’t have the money to buy my own house or build a professional indoor grow room like I had had before.

I’d promised myself I wouldn’t grow again unless I had the money to build a pro indoor grow room, which would cost about $4700, but I got desperate.

I decided to make an indoor grow room and spend as little money to do it as possible.

So I did the following in a spare bedroom of the slum house I rented:

  • I put an exhaust fan in the return of the house’s air conditioning system because I was afraid to cut a exhaust hole in the wall, ceiling, or roof due to the fact that it would likely make the landlord charge me a damage fee when I leave this hellhole.
  • I sharecropped two LED lights by promising a friend who wasn’t growing that I’d give him a percentage of my harvest to use LED lights he wasn’t using.
  • I got two cheap light stands that were sturdy enough to hold the LED lights.
  • I got 7-gallon plastic pots and filled them with Fafard professional mix.
  • I bought the cheapest reverse osmosis filter I could find.
  • I got one liter of Sensi Grow pH Perfect Grow, one liter of Sensi pH Perfect Bloom, one liter of Big Bud, and one liter of Bud Candy.
  • I got a column-style oscillating fan.
  • I got a roll of white poly plastic and a roll of white-colored, heat-resistant duct tape.
  • I got one 4 x 8 foot piece of drywall made to be resistant to humidity, mold, and fire. Got, one 6 x 7-foot room divider. I put my grow space in the corner of the indoor grow room so I could use the two existing walls as two of four for the grow space.
  • Put white poly on the room’s walls, and on one side of the drywall and one side of the room divider.
  • I got two heavy-duty 30 amp power cords and a multi-outlet device.
  • I got two “Homer” Home Depot five gallon pails and collect rainwater in them and use them for mixing nutrients and watering.
  • I got a cheap thermometer and hygrometer.

This all cost me about $575. I spent money on the grow op instead of on food or gas.

That’s about the cheapest way indoor grow room I could get away with.

My previous grow ops with sealed rooms and deep water culture cost a lot more than that.

The indoor grow room space I built cheaply is about 7.5 x 7.5 and eight feet high.

It’s enough for 4-8 plants.

I’m growing seven plants and there’s barely enough light coverage.

I had to run an extension cord from a different circuit and use two circuits for this grow, because even though the LEDs are only drawing 1200 watts, I don’t trust the circuits in this old house.

My friend who loaned me the LEDs suggested I buy a grow tent.

But if I got one as big as the space I’d built out, and if it was a good grow tent without light leaks and with good zippers, I’d still have had to get the lights and fan and then I’d have one more item to take down and move when I leave this slum.

A good grow tent would have cost me more than what I spent on my cheap indoor grow room and I’d have had to pay for it all at once.

Right now I’m halfway through bloom phase.

I can’t afford a dedicated air conditioner for the room and am using the house air conditioner so my indoor grow room heat is hurting my bud development.

The cheap light stands I got are unsteady, and that’s a worry.

Yes of course I’d have preferred to have never lost my deep water culture grow op, but this cheap indoor grow room is way better than when I tried growing outdoors.

I anticipate about 1.6 pounds of dry weight and I’m only running 1200 watts of light, so that’s not bad.

After I hold out a couple of ounces for myself and give my friend his share, I’ll send a pound for $2300 wholesale.

My total profit minus the cost of materials and electricity will be about $1000.

It’s not enough to live on, but it’s an indoor grow room and it’s a start. It’s the best I could do with a broken heart, and a broken life.

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