Marijuana GrowingPut the fun back into your marijuana grow room!
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5 Ways to Make Marijuana Growing Fun Again

Maybe you’ve experienced it—instead of looking forward to taking care of your marijuana plants, you resent it.

It seems your cannabis plants kind of own your life, and marijuana growing is a lot of work.

When it happened to me, I found ways to put the fun back into marijuana growing, and here’s how I did it:

Grow New & Exciting Marijuana Strains. We have an entire section here at devoted to marijuana strains.

The trick is to find something out of your comfort zone, a cannabis strain or strains that require you to learn about their particular growing characteristics.

Like, if you’ve been growing Indica strains, grow Sativa strains.

Grow purple strains if you haven’t grown them before.

When you experience new tastes, scents, bud development and highs from new strains of marijuana, it’s definitely fun.

Use a Different Marijuana Growing System. Variety is the spice of life. Especially if you’ve been growing marijuana in soil, now’s the time to switch to hydroponics, at least for a couple of seasons.

Or run a hydro system and a soil grow at the same time, and see which one works best for your marijuana plants.

You find that the challenge of setting up and running a hydroponics system, as well as the total control it gives you over plant nutrition and root zone temperature, will make you more interested in your garden.

Pay Closer Attention to Your Marijuana Plants. When you focus more often on your cannabis plants, you notice more about them.

This has practical benefits, as you might discover that your marijuana plants have pests, diseases, or nutrients problems.

It also draws you deeper into your gardening practice, and renews your fascination with Nature’s kindest plant.

Focus on Harvest Timing & Resin Production. Get yourself a high-powered magnifier and explore the amazing world of marijuana resin glands.

You’ll love seeing the inner world of THC and other cannabinoids.

Not only that, but maximum potency is best achieved when you monitor resin glands and use their condition to guide your harvesting decisions.

Challenge Yourself to Get Bigger & Better Yields. Competition makes things interesting, especially when you’re competing against yourself.

How much total dried bud weight did you get last time? Make it your goal to top that by at least half a pound if not more.

This goal creates learning opportunities for you. To get more weight, you adjust or alter something in your marijuana growing set-up, techniques, or nutrition.

It could be that you add another hydroponics grow light, perhaps a better one than you ever used before.

Or you change over to pH Perfect hydroponics base nutrients. Maybe go from soil growing to deep water culture.

Or choose to grow new cannabis strains known to be heavy-yielding.

Whatever you do, the fact that you’re changing equipment or techniques in your marijuana grow op and trying to hit a home run by producing larger, higher-potency yields will put the fun back in your marijuana growing.

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