Lemon OG strain for stress relief

Lemon OG – A Nice Marijuana Strain For Stress Relief

Indica / Downtown Los Angeles / $50 an 8th

Normally, when people talk about selecting strains for recreational smoking, they tend to go for the heaviest high, the dankest kush, the most punch-you-in-the-face Indica. Unfortunately, in the process, they are completely neglecting what makes a great strain, truly great. A great strain to me doesn’t mean which one hits you the hardest, but what gives you the desired effect with the least amount of medicine needed. Lemon OG is a strain from the latter category.

An OG variant with not too dense but not fluffy buds, this little beauty will never disappoint you when your reaching for a smoke in the afternoon. It’s not powerful enough an OG to couch lock you indefinitely, but it’s definitely a quick slip-to-sleep strain that allows your muscles to relax without an overwhelming sense of stone. Light green buds with off orange hairs and a light whisp of a fruit smell, it’s an easy choice at the medicine counter to pull this one off the shelf and say thank you. I highly recommend this strain for any range of stress relief and also a little light insomnia, but would not recommend it for pain relief as the effects simply don’t last long enough to be as effective as other strains on the market.

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