LED grow lightsLED grow lights are well worth the money… if they work well and are backed by a legit, grower-focused manufacturer.

The Only LED Grow Lights for Marijuana… Money, Warranties, Extracts

This is the third article in our groundbreaking series on LED grow lights made specifically for marijuana.

In the first two articles, you met Matt Johnson, founder of Lush Lighting… the only LED grow lights manufacturer courageous enough to acknowledge he makes LED grow lights that boost cannabis growth rate, yield, and potency.

In today’s article Matt deals with the fact that the top-end LED units often cost $1500 or more.

We mentioned that even though LED grow lights generate less heat so you have reduced air conditioning costs, the initial start-up cost is discouraging for many growers.

Here’s what he said:

MATT JOHNSON: You’re right that even when factoring in LED’s immediate energy cost savings, it could take a while to see a financial break-even on an initial LED grow lights investment.

The way to get a fast return on investment is by using Lush LEDs to increase revenue rather than looking at LEDs as simply a way to cut your air conditioning bills.

Increasing your revenue means for example that you double the canopy in your existing garden, using our improved light specificity and lower heat to increase cannabinoid production and improve penetration.

Our lights give you increased production value from each square foot of your garden.

I’ve seen our LED technology work so well that the grower’s increased revenue pays for the LED purchase investment within 2-6 months.

You save money because LEDs use less electricity and generate less heat.

Also, you’ll be saving lots of money on HID bulbs you no longer need to purchase, because our LEDs last way longer than HID lighting and other brands of LED grow lights.


BBM: There are many LED manufacturers selling high-priced units to growers. But growers have had bad experiences. They’ve seen their plant productivity decrease rather than increase after they switched to other brands of LED grow lights. They’ve seen their expensive, new LED grow lights fail quickly, and they go through hell trying to get warranty repair, refunds, or replacement. How can you prove to growers that their bad experiences with other LED grow lights brands won’t happen with Lush equipment?

MATT JOHNSON: First of all, Lush Lighting is an American corporation based out of Michigan.

We conduct photochemical research directly on cannabis and produce LED lights that grow healthier, more productive plants.

We carefully inspect each light, and our lights are labeled, shipped, and serviced here in Michigan.

Lush has four years of proven results helping thousands of growers achieve phenomenal success growing cannabis with LED lighting.

Our lights are so good that Lush Lighting has more than 11,000 followers on Instagram and 18,000 likes on Facebook.

There are enthusiastic online grower communities called Lush Lighting Growers United and Lush Life where growers using Lush Lighting products share growing tips, photos of buds, grow ops, and extracts, and grow results.

Another reason your readers should put faith in our LED grow lights is the fact that unlike other hydroponics lighting companies, Lush Lighting has excellent customer service before and after the sale.

We understand growers value their plants more than gold, especially medical growers who need the healing power of cannabis.

We know they’re trusting us with their crops, their financial success, and sometimes their lives. We honor that trust by putting the grower first.

For example, on the very rare occasion when a Lush LED grow light has technical problems, we immediately ship a replacement light to the grower (or to the retail store they purchased it from) so they don’t have to go without while their light is being repaired.

Contrast this with what happens with most other brands of LED grow lights, especially if the gear is purchased directly from China.

Those companies often require the grower to pay big money for shipping to return the light to where it was manufactured.

Or they ship the customer some parts, and provide a lame set of instructions on how to fix the light yourself.

It’s not safe for you to solder on new electronics or be responsible in any way for replacing parts that malfunction on a LED grow light.

This is why we fully warranty Lush Lighting products for three years after purchase.


The other thing to realize is growers are choosing Lush LED grow lights instead of other brands because our lights grow healthier plants with higher medicinal value.

Especially when it comes to making extracts, our lights are giving you more cannabinoids and terpenoids per watt than any other light.

Your extraction ratios are proportionate to the cannabis plant’s concentration of fats, waxes and oils.

Our lights increase your extraction material production as much as 20%.

You’ll get more grams of concentrate per crop using out LED grow lights. That’s a fact.

Now you see why using Lush LED grow lights is the smart choice. You provide the light your plants really want, with the best energy efficiency delivery of light per watt, compared to any other hydroponics lighting technology.

In our next article in the series, Matt gets even more specific about the many problems in the LED grow lights industry and why those problems matter a lot to growers.

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