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Killer Outdoor Marijuana Strains = More THC & Weight

This article on the hottest strains for outdoor marijuana growing is going live during the first week of May. In the Northern Hemisphere by now most experienced outdoor growers have already started their seeds or clones for this year’s outdoor season, but even if you didn’t get that head start, if you want to take advantage of free sun, C02, air movement, and all the other goodies that outdoor marijuana growing gives you it’s definitely not too late to get clones or sprout some seeds and have yourself an outdoor marijuana season with marijuana plants the size of trees, and massive yields of gooey THC buds!

Here’s your exclusive guide to the hottest, most-modernized and classic marijuana strains that will give you many outdoor marijuana pounds per plant…

Mother’s Finest, from Sensi Seeds: Sensi Seeds is a heritage seed bank that created many of the legendary strains that form the basis for today’s newer marijuana strains. Outdoor growers who work in warmer than average climates (including places like Florida, Virginia, and Georgia where there’s also high humidity) enjoy the resilience, yield and THC percentages of this fast-growing, tall Sativa-dominant plant. It has Haze and Jack Herer in its lineage, and you can select individual phenotypes from seed to craft the perfect breeding stock or motherplants. Plant it outdoors in April or early May so it has time to complete flowering before your outdoor marijuana grow site gets its first autumn frost (it needs 8-11 weeks flowering outdoors), and be sure to give it rich soil and/or regular doses of potent natural fertilizers such as Iguana juice.

Durban Poison, from Dutch Passion: Hailing from the African continent, Durban Poison has acquired a well-deserved reputation as a powerful Sativa with a relatively short outdoor flowering time. It can go purple, for some lovely visual effects when you look at the long but densely-built buds. However the real star of the Durban Poison show is the high, which resembles mushrooms or peyote! Relatively easy to grow because it resists molds and mildews, but watch out for spider mites.

White Berry, from Paradise Seeds: For Indica lovers, this babe only needs 6-8 weeks in flower and is easy to grow outdoors. The high feels like Sativa combined with an Indica sledgehammer effect, and there are few leaves in the buds…so you get more THC and less trimming.

BC God Bud: Not sure how they developed this sun-loving, heat-loving marijuana powerhouse in cloudy, rainy, often summer-cold British Columbia, Canada, but it’s a very popular Indica-dominant cannabis strain…a short and bushy beauty that can give you 2-4 pounds per plant if you give her lots of room, rich soil and fertilizers, and more attention than usual to guard against gray mold in the dense, compact buds. For a less-couchlock high, harvest at eight weeks instead of the recommended ten weeks.

Mekong High, from Dutch Passion: We’re fortunate Dutch Passion sourced these genetics from a rather scary part of Southeast Asia, where few foreigners are likely ever to be safely traveling. What’s really sweet about Mekong High is it grows like a bush instead of a Christmas tree. So you give it lots of room, rich soil and regular feedings of high-potency base nutrients, and make sure you check the plant every week to add possible support to branches falling down from too-heavy buds. It needs 8-9 weeks flowering before the first frost of autumn, so start it before the end of May in the southern half of North America, to get a sticky harvest of fine THC.

Kandy Kush, from Reserva Privada: I’ve grown this one indoors and outdoors and it’s a hardy, adaptable marijuana plant that comes from a cross of OG Kush and Trainwreck…so you know it kicks ass. It tends to stretch suddenly and a lot during flowering, so beware of that if you’re growing where you only have a short privacy fence or other visual security problems. It does not take kindly to topping and will go tall anyway. You can choose your high by incremental harvesting starting at eight weeks all the way to ten weeks of flowering. At the later harvest dates, Kandy Kush might be purpling a little. This fine marijuana has low odor while growing (but high odor when drying), and its dense but not too-dense buds makes this a good outdoor growing experiment even when you have flowering phase humidity above 50%.

Chocolope, from DNA Genetics: This cannabis competition winner from Amsterdam’s DNA is super-popular, so if you find a way to make some seeds, do it. People grow Chocolope indoors too, but it really loves an outdoor space to branch out in, get lots of sun and air circulation, and develop a large root mass. This one needs to be planted in April or May so you can experiment with harvest timing—Chocolope has a couple of phenotypes and some of them need nine to eleven weeks of flowering. I prefer an 8-9 week harvest because the Sativa characteristics of this mix between Cannalope Haze and Chocolate Thai are very stimulating when you harvest “early.” Can handle lots of fertilizer, but be aware: Chocolope buds often get so heavy, and its branches are thin, so you need to support its side branches. Indoors, I use SCROG to grow Chocolope.

Check out our articles on auto-flowering marijuana if you want marijuana strains that take only 50-80 days total from seed to harvest and of course will automatically go into flowering when they damn well please, which is usually about 2-3 weeks after you sprout them.

Auto-flowering marijuana can be nearly as potent and tasty as regular marijuana. One trick is to plant it early so it has way more than 12 hours of light during its flowering cycle. The more light it gets during flowering, the better, especially when it comes to harvest weight and THC production.

From now to late October is outdoor marijuana season, and I won’t forget those of you who love outdoor growing, so check out our past outdoor marijuana cultivation articles and look forward to new ones.

Here’s an outdoor grow tip: give your outdoor marijuana plants some extra carbs, and some seaweed extracts, Vitamin B complex, and potassium silicate. Also feed a granular or freshly-prepared liquid P-K booster from week three of flowering until ten days before harvest. You’ll get healthier plants with more THC and heavier weight. Try products such as Nirvana, CarboLoad, ThriveAlive, and B-52. Other growers water with compost teas.

Another tip: get familiar with the premier outdoor marijuana grower who makes movies about outdoor marijuana: Brown Dirt Warrior.

I’ll be doing more articles on outdoor marijuana growing so you can take advantage of the high yield potential, and feel free to use our comments section to share your favorite outdoor strains that deliver killer buds and the heaviest harvests.

Picture this: you getting 1-4 pounds of sticky bud per plant. It can happen if you plant these outdoor marijuana strains in the right place, now!

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