marijuana usersYou’ll be laughing too when you watch these great videos.

Insanely Funny YouTube Videos to Get Marijuana Users Through Holidays

As the holiday season arrives, and people have a lot of time to get high, it’s always good to enjoy insane YouTube videos… and we’ve got them for you here.

We’ve got those lovely little Lolita girls who danced in mini-skirts at Donald Trump rallies.

Dave Chapelle goes off about fear of cops and talking to police while high– something we can definitely relate to.

We’ve got the late, great comedian George Carlin riffing on the lack of freedom we all experience.

We’ve got the late, great comedian Bill Hicks riffing on getting high.

And also, Louis C.K., who can’t handle the potency of today’s super-strong weed.

You’re going to love rare footage of a manic Robin Williams, crystallized Billy Crystal, and Jay Leno going insane.

Not only that, we have compilations of people trying to get high, but having massive, hilarious fails.

And the best YouTube videos that highlight other forms of human folly.

Even people who aren’t marijuana users are going to enjoy these videos.

If you want an extra kick to make these videos even more fun, check out this High Times marijuana edibles Thanksgiving menu!

So whether you’re eating Thanksgiving dinner or eating marijuana edibles, click on these videos and have fun during the holidaze…

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