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Incredible Indica Marijuana: Growing Big Money, THC-Rich Indica

Would you like to grow rare, THC-rich Indica strains that’ll give you the incredible Indica couchlock stone while also delivering enough energy so you stay awake to enjoy it?

Good news: professional marijuana breeders have been busy combining and refining genetics to create new Indica strains that are so tasty, easy to grow, and complex that they represent a new generation in Indica marijuana.

Still packing the sledgehammer couchlock high that’s perfect for relaxing, modernized new Indica strains give you the traditional Indica high, and a whole lot more.

Take a look at this insider list of new school Indica-dominant marijuana strains that we love to grow and toke:

Towerful, from Tropical Seeds: The new generation of Indica strains have enough Sativa in them to keep them from nailing you to the couch and yet are still able to hammer you like an Indica should.

Towerful is one of those special strains that give you the best of both worlds. Its genetics are a cross between the amazing Congo Point Noire pure Sativa (95 days in flowering) and a Pakistani Chitral Kush.

Careful breeding gives you the short flowering cycle and big stone you expect from an Indica.

This strain has beautiful reddish-dark buds and an immediate powerhouse high unlike Indica marijuana strains regularly grown and available in North America.

Caramel, by Pure White Farmer Seeds: Yes this powerful Indica tastes and smells like caramel. Yummy.

And again, as with Towerful, this tasty strain has incredible genetic heritage: 1991 Chemdawg crossed with Butterscotch Hawaiian.

This marijuana strain takes ten weeks to finish flowering, rewarding you with heavy, THC rich buds that have few leaves, so they’re easy to trim.

This strain resists powdery mildew but is not so resistant to mites.

You get a Sativa punch in the head, coupled with Indica sedation and body high. Feed Bud Candy during weeks two to six of bloom phase, and you boost the delicious caramel tone even higher.

Kong, by Holy Smoke Seeds: Wow, what a combination of genetics—Sensi Star, AK-47, White Widow, White Russian.

Kong is ready after a 6-8 week flowering phase and it gives you a classic Indica couchlock high that lacks the Sativa undertones of Towerful and Caramel.

Grape Stomper, from Gage Green Genetics: Fat yielder with lots of THC, this Indica marijuana goes short and so it’s great for Sea of Green (SOG) and Screen of Green (SCROG).

This beauty has influences from Sour Diesel, Headband, Hashplant, and Purps.

Look for mountains of THC gooey bud from this easy to grow Indica marijuana.

Redd Cross, from Genetics Gone Madd: I’d grow this just because of how beautiful it looks: the buds develop crimson hairs and can be harvested in 8-9 weeks.

You get heavy yields of almost pure Indica/Afghanica marijuana that has the THC percentages you expect from Sativa.

Cure for longer than usual to fully mature the candy taste of this rare marijuana strain.

Warlock, from Magus Genetics: Another strain loved by insider breeders and growers, Warlock boasts Skunk and Afghani heritage developed with feedback from Amsterdam marijuana shop customers and the Cannabis Cup industry.

Some phenotypes of this strain can almost look like Sativa plants, and the high is more stimulating than most Indica-dominant marijuana, but once you grow this strain, you won’t look back. It’s a winner.

Afgoo, from Northstone Organics: I love creative breeding and that’s what you get when you grow this cross between a Hawaiian Haze and a hardcore Afghani Kush.

Feed more nutrients and light to this strain than usual and don’t be alarmed by the high leaf ratio.

Once you’ve trimmed the buds you get Christmas tree nuggets of pure resins.

Obsession, from World of Seeds: Yet another massively wicked genetics combination putting together genetics from Jack Herer, Black Domina (which is itself a 4-way Indica cross) and a pure Pakistani Indica.

Growers love it because it’s resistant to all pests, grows fast and strong, and doesn’t require lots of care.

The Herer Haze genetics give you enough “up” to counter the overwhelming punch of the Indica genetics here.

OK, so now how do you get these Indica strains? When I want rare strains like these, I go to, a seed seller based in the UK.

They already have many of the strains I listed, which is great, because most seed banks don’t have these strains.

One thing I love about is when you ask them to get a strain they don’t usually stock, they work hard to track down the breeder and get the seeds for you. They’ve even gotten me seeds from strains that are supposed to be clone-only lines!

Many of the breeders who produce rare, specialty Indica marijuana seeds are small companies that may or may not survive.

I’d get a good amount of non-feminized Indica seeds right now and use them to create motherplants and to do your own breeding.

You never know when a breeder will retire and those genetics are lost to us forever.

Look for my future articles on the best growing techniques for Indica and Sativa cannabis.

We’ll give you tricks and tips to help you tailor your hydroponics nutrients, lighting, grow room climate and harvest timing to max the THC and weight of your valuable marijuana crops.

When you incorporate these unique Indica marijuana genetics into your breeding and growing program, you’ll have buds nobody else has…potent, high-value buds with rich flavor and aroma that give you the Indica feeling you love. Enjoysmiley

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