Hydroponics Marijuana Growers: Kill Your pH Meter Now!

Hydroponics marijuana growers have a love-hate relationship with hydroponics pH meters, and for good reason.

Marijuana plants’ roots can’t absorb all the essential nutrients your plants need unless the root zone environment and nutrients water are in a narrow range of pH. People argue about what range that is, but general agreement pegs it at 5.7-6.3.

Problem is, in most places, the water you get from the tap, rivers, rain, wells, reverse osmosis or elsewhere is not guaranteed to be in that ideal range. Out of pH range means your plants have nutrient deficiencies that harm their growth and yield.

And because of that, hydroponics growers have long labored with the hassle and expense of pH metering and adjustment.

Probably you and I could write a book about the hassles we have to put up with because of pH. Here’s a short list: pH meters are unreliable, no matter how expensive they are; pH meter electrodes fail and have to be replaced; pH meter electrodes have to be stored in special liquid that evaporates and then the electrode fails; pH meters go off calibration no matter how much you calibrate them; you can have two expensive pH meters (such as the BlueLab), calibrate them side by side, dip them into the same water, and come out with different readings; you can have two meters properly calibrated, take a reading, wait a few hours, take another reading of the exact same water, and it will be different; you have to use additives to get your water to go up or down in pH and you can often spend 30 minutes watching it ping-pong back and forth; pH adjustment chemicals are caustic and can burn you or your marijuana plants; inferior hydroponics nutrients (the majority of hydroponics nutrients are inferior) interact with water to change pH, especially during the course of a reservoir’s nutrients cycle; each root zone media (such as rockwool, coco coir, Pro-Mix, etc.) has its own way of interacting with pH, and on and on and on.

That’s why I was very glad when BigMike Straumietis of Advanced Nutrients told me a few years ago that he too hated pH meters and metering hassles and was working on a revolutionary new kind of hydroponics nutrients that eliminate worries about pH.

“How the hell are you going to do that,” I asked him. “Impossible,” I huffed. He then launched into a long, scientific answer about ions, chelates, molecular structures and similarly over-my-head topics.

The basic facts as he described them were that his scientists were designing hydroponics base nutrients to be used in conjunction with bundled packages of growth-THC-yield boosters.

When those items were used properly together, your marijuana plants receive optimized doses of all essential elements faster and more efficiently, and as long as your source water was between 4.5-8.5 pH (which is almost all the water you could be using), you didn’t have to bother metering your pH!

Say what? According to BigMike, his new era of nutrients would automatically set the water to the ideal pH and perfectly deliver hydroponics nutrients into your marijuana plants in ways that had never been seen before.

At the time I was skeptical and told him so, although I recalled that in the past whenever he said he was going to make some amazing new hydroponics product, he always came through. Still, I was surprised when today one of BigMike’s scientists called me to say that pH Perfect® Technology is now available in the US and Canada. Wow. So here’s what you do to bring the power of these innovative nutrients into your marijuana garden…

You get a pH Perfect® Technology base nutrient such as Sensi Grow. Sensi Bloom, Connoisseur, or Grow-Micro-Bloom and then combine it with an incremental program of bundled nutrient/supplement formulas that provide the most complete hydroponics feed system the universe has ever seen.

You just use as directed and stop worrying about pH. Better yet, because the base nutrients are amped up, and combined with all kinds of exclusive, powerful additives in the “Bigger Yields Flowering System®” bundles, this feed program goes way beyond just providing faster, more efficient doses of all essential nutrients.

Indeed, it also enhances root function and mass, protects plants against diseases, increases THC production, and ensures phatter buds. Your bank account gets fatter too, because the bundles include a big discount.

And the bundles are categorized into four different groups corresponding to your level of hydroponics expertise so they “stack” on top of  each other. As you add bundles you save more and more money, your marijuana grows better and better, your buds get bigger and more resinous, and you end up with nearly 50% more harvest yield and value than you have if you just use hydroponics base nutrients.

I haven’t used this new nutrients technology yet, so when the scientist told me it’s in the stores now, I asked him for references from professional growers. Three high-profit marijuana pros who use it in Canada told me enthusiastically it eliminates pH metering, made their marijuana grow faster, amped up the yields, increased THC percentages, and made their roots visibly bigger.

This was in rockwool, deep water culture, and Sunshine Mix #4 and each of these growers was using Connoisseur base nutrients with all four of the system bundles.

So you heard it here first…this is the biggest new thing to come along in marijuana hydroponics nutrients ever. Ever since modern era hydroponics growing started in the early 1900s, pH has been a bigggg hassle. But it isn’t anymore. The Wicked Witch of pH is dead!

If you have questions about this new hydroponics nutrients system for your marijuana crops, call Advanced Nutrients or ask your hydroponics retailer. I personally want this cool stuff immediately. I detest my pH meters and so do my marijuana plants. They hiss every time the meter walks in the room. I get these new space-age nutrients, then I smash my meters and dance in celebration. Thanks, BigMike!

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