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Hunters of the Dank:
Give Thanks for Marijuana Videos!

Many of us, when we sit around at Thanksgiving, Christmas, or on the weekends inhaling marijuana, are accustomed to watching college football or the NFL.

Or maybe we’re playing video games or watching movies.

Me, I prefer to watch YouTube videos showing growers cultivating marijuana plants the size of trees.

There are thousands of marijuana videos on the Internet, but only a few that show acres of professionally-grown cannabis plants so you learn how to grow bigger too.

And so as a special gift this Thanksgiving, all of us cannabis growers here at BigBudsMag.com selected our favorite videos from an impressive marijuana growing video series called “Hunters of the Dank.”

Hunters of the Dank is sponsored by The Weed Nerd—a marijuana reality television show created by Subcool and MzJill of TGA Subcool Seeds.

TGA Subcool cannabis seeds give you a massive menu of marijuana genetics specially bred with scents, tastes, and highs unique to the TGA line of genetics!

In most of these videos, hosted by growers whose code names are TC and Frenchie, you’re seeing jaw-dropping California cannabis gardens full of TGA marijuana trees.


This is “bud porn” at its finest, as elite cannabis growers discuss transplanting, training, feeding, watering, seed selection, harvest timing, and other cannabis cropping techniques.

You see marijuana plants with main stalks as big around as a baseball bat, and plants so tall that they tower overhead.

Just by watching these videos you get professional marijuana growing advice, and you also get inspiration.

“Wow, look at the size of that plant!” is a common reaction when you see on these videos marijuana plants that yield pounds of dry bud each.

So now’s the time to inhale, eat, or dab some fine cannabinoids, and watch hours of marijuana videos thanks to the generosity of Hunters of the Dank and TGA Subcool Seeds…

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