how to make rosinHow to make rosin: easy tips for you. © Copyright, Thom Silvinio, 2017

How to Make Rosin the Easy Way

After reading a article about how to make rosin and why rosin is getting to be more popular than BHO, I decided to try it myself.

It only took me an hour to figure out how to do it.

So here’s how to make rosin the easy way:

  • Buy a reliable rosin press. I bought the “twist double-plate” rosin press from Rosin Tech. It cost $495 but was a great investment that has paid for itself many times over.
  • Get non-wax parchment paper.
  • Prepare your bud by removing stems, twigs, leaves without resin glands.
  • Place bud in the parchment paper and fold over. For my press, which has a small, two-part heating plate, I use about 4-5 grams of bud per squish.
  • Set your temperatures and timing. Temperatures and timing are the crucial factor for successful rosin making. My favorite settings right now are 210°F at 21 seconds.
  • After each squish, put the parchment paper with rosin on it in the freezer. The cold temperature will make it a lot easier to get the rosin off the paper.
  • Store the rosin in stainless steel or glass container in freezer. It’ll stay fresh for at least four months.

Compared to shatter, budder, and dry sift, I rank my rosin as stronger than dry sift, kief, and bubblehash.

It’s safer than solvent marijuana concentrates, but about 10-25% less potent than solvent concentrates like butane honey oil and its derivatives.

When looking at how to make rosin, here are things to watch out for:

  • Get a reliable rosin press. I talked to three marijuana concentrates hardware supply shops about how to make rosin. I also talked to the most successful commercial manufacturer of rosin in California. They all recommended Rosin Tech presses based on reliability, ease of use, and warranty.
  • Use rosin bags and screens, especially when using kief, bubblehash, or dry sift. This prevents the kinds of mess that can happen when you’re squishing and the resins blow out the side of your paper. Rosin Tech has a fantastic variety of screens and bags that you can see here.
  • Get a stainless steel rosin scraper or dab tool to separate the rosin from what you squeezed it in. Take a look a these dab tools.
  • For every 4-5 grams of bud I squish, I get about 1-2 grams of rosin.
  • For every 5-8 grams of dry sift, bubblehash, kief I use, I get 90% rosin return. I use 175°F at 20 seconds to squish dry sift, bubblehash, kief.
  • Watch out for pieces of bud getting into the rosin. It takes serious attention to detail to create totally clear, 100% clean rosin. Sometimes I get 1-3% contamination of plant material, which doesn’t bother me.
  • Use an electric nail or other dabbing rig to consume your marijuana rosin.

Now you know how to make rosin.

It’s easy.

There aren’t any solvent toxins, and you get a portable, potent cannabis product in just a few seconds of squishing.

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