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How to Make Marijuana Tincture (the Green Dragon)

Marijuana tincture is made using high-proof alcohol and marijuana.

Marijuana tincture gives you a potent, fast-acting, concentrated dose of cannabinoids and terpenoids.

It gives you a  rapid-onset, psychedelic, long-lasting, unique high.

The nearly-pure alcohol you use to make marijuana tincture ensures that the mixture stays cannabinoid potent for several years.

Here’s all you need to know about making marijuana tincture:

Materials Needed:

  • Cannabis buds and heavily-resinated sugar leaves. Use the highest quality material.
  • Pure grain alcohol (Everclear). Everclear comes in 190 and 151-proof versions. Use the 190-proof version for your marijuana tincture. Unfortunately, 14 states don’t allow you to buy the 190-proof version, so you may have to use the lower-strength Everclear.
  • Clean jar and cap
  • Precision Oven (for decarboxylation)

Making Your Own Marijuana Tincture Step by Step

Marijuana tincture made with alcohol is called the “Green Dragon.”

This refers to the color, which can be intensely green, and the taste, which can be quite bitter.

The green color and bitter taste of marijuana tincture comes from chlorophyll in buds.

Everclear itself, especially the 190-proof version, has almost no taste, but it does have a burning kick that’ll wake up your mouth, throat, and stomach.

To get rid of chlorophyll, leach it out of your buds before you decarboxylate them, via the “water cure.”

Read here to know how to use water to cure marijuana.

The next step after the water cure is to decarboxylate your cannabis.

Decarboxylation alters molecular structure of cannabinoids so they become psychoactive.

Using the water cure before you decarboxylate is ideal, because decarboxylation dries the buds.

Read here for instructions on how to decarboxylate cannabis.

It’s easy.

Now take your decarboxylated cannabis and place in a clean glass jar.

Stuff as much cannabis into the jar as possible, leaving 3/4 inch of space at the top.

Pour Everclear into the jar, covering the cannabis material by half an inch.

Shake the jar.

If the cannabis material expands so it’s exposed to air, push the material down so it’s again covered by alcohol.

If you can’t get it to stay down, add more Everclear or remove some cannabis material.

Agitate the mixture by shaking the jar and turning it upside down and back up again several times.

Store the jar in a cool, dark place around 67°F.

Do agitation every two days.

After 25 days, pour mixture through a fine strainer into a container.

(If you had to use 151 proof Everclear, let the mixture go for 32 days total instead of 25)

Squeeze as much alcohol as you can out of the used-up buds and leaves, then discard the cannabis material.

If you used premium, decarboxylated marijuana and filled the jar nearly to the top with it, your marijuana tincture will be very potent.

Used under the tongue as a sublingual, or orally as a stand-alone tincture or as part of a mixed drink, 2 milliliters (about half a teaspoon) of marijuana tincture rapidly delivers as much THC into your brain as 2-3 joints!

Store alcohol marijuana tincture in a tightly-sealed glass jar or stainless steel container in the non-freezer part of your refrigerator.

Your marijuana tincture will retain potency for 2-3 years.

As with edibles and medibles, experiment with dosing.

And be aware: alcohol is a poison, especially at this proof.

Make your Green Dragon as cannabinoid potent as possible so you only have to consume a little alcohol to get a lot of high!

Now you know how to make and ride the Green Dragon!

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