marijuana e-cig oilRead this article and you’ll know how to make marijuana e-cig oil!

How to Make Marijuana E-Cig Oil for Electronic Cigarettes & Vape Pens

Using marijuana oil in an e-cig (electronic cigarette) device is gaining popularity.

In some places you might even inhale cannabis oil in an e-cig in public but most people wouldn’t know you’re using cannabis.

It’s convenient, and there’s no combustion. It’s stealth cannabis.

If you live where there are legal marijuana dispensaries, you’re might be lucky enough to pay premium prices for superb commercial-grade marijuana e-cig oil.

But prices are high, and that’s one reason we start making our own marijuana e-cig oil.

In this article, we’re giving you a basic guide easy to follow guide to making safe, clean e-cig oil, but we ask you to watch all the videos in this article before you start making e-cig oil and loading it into your e-cig or vape device.

And we caution you that even though extracting cannabinoids to make e-cig oil doesn’t involve butane or other risks, it does involve a heated oven, stovetop, hot water, cannabis, etc.

Always put SAFETY first when doing any extracting, cooking, or other processing of cannabis using heat and/or solvents!

Steps For Making E-Cig Oil From Buds

  1. Have at least one ounce of finely-ground dried buds in a clean, covered stainless steel container. Leave the cover slightly ajar so air can escape. Covering with aluminum foil is a good idea rather than using a container lid.
  2. Heat buds in a clean oven at 200 Fahrenheit for 37 minutes.
  3. Prepare an extraction solution of the absolutely finest pure, food-grade vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) at a ratio of two parts VG to one part PG. Look here for more info.
  4. Use six milliliters of this solution per gram of bud for a relatively strong marijuana e-cig oil. Put this solution into a stainless steel or glass container.
  5. Take heated bud and pour it into the VG/PG solution. Make sure there’s one quarter inch of solution over the top of the bud.
  6. Keep the jar or stainless steel container covered but be sure air can escape, and place it almost submerged in heated water (or an oven) maintained at 150F for three hours. Use a kitchen thermometer when following steps in this process.
  7. During three hours when the mixture is heated at 150F, shake container vigorously for three minutes every twenty minutes.
  8. After the three hours of heating and agitation, all floral material must be strained out of the oil. Most people use a fine sieve or cheese cloth to do this.
  9. Be sure to squeeze and press the material to get all the oil out. Work to prevent even a speck of source material of getting into your marijuana e-cig oil.
  10. You want your e-cig oil to be pure cannabinoids, and carrier material, and that’s it.
  11. For connoisseur oil that packs a punch and tastes great, use only the finest bud, propylene glycol, and vegetable glycerin.
  12. Use careful quality control. Insist on making THC rich honey e-cig oil that delivers as much THC in one inhalation as is contained in three or more joints!
  13. Put the finished oil into a sanitized glass or stainless steel container and keep it in the NON-FREEZER part of your refrigerator.
  14. When ready to get super high, load finished oil into e-cig cartridges, into your e-cig or vape pen, and enjoy.
  15. Store your marijuana e-cig oil in a dark place at 38-65 degrees Fahrenheit.
  16. It will last approximately five months at full strength.

Even More Marijuana E-Cig Oil Information!

  1. Make even more potent marijuana e-cig oil using kief, bubblehash, shatter, or dry sift instead of bud. Adjust your ratios to 20-30 ml of VG/PG solution per one gram of material. The precise ratio depends on how strong your kief, bubblehash, shatter, or dry sift is.
  2. As with cooking with cannabis, feel free to experiment with timing and extraction material to cannabis ratios to see what makes the most potent and tasty marijuana e-cig oil for you.
  3. What we’ve heard is that it’s real important to maintain that sweet spot of extract temperature at 200F for the preparatory oven phase, and then around 150F for the three hour heating/agitation phase.
  4. The skill is in cooking at just the right temps and lengths of time to extract maximum amount of cannabinoids and terpenoids, converting as much material to psychoactive form as possible.
  5. Some people add flavorings to their marijuana e-cig oil. Be sure to use only organic, certified food grade such as you find here.
  6. Each time you sample a new batch for the first time, take only one hit from your marijuana e-cig oil and then wait 15 minutes to see how it affects you.
  7. Marijuana e-cig oil can also be used as a tincture under the tongue.
  8. For aphrodisiac cannabis sexual ecstasy, use the oil inside a woman’s vagina or anus (see here for more details).
  9. Take a look here at the vast array of marijuana vape pens, and e-cig oil devices. Some can be used for dabs, etc. They can cost a lot of money and they don’t always work well. Ask lots of questions before you buy.
  10. Watch the how-to videos embedded in this article…

Please note that this information is for educational purposes only, and is not meant to encourage anyone to break the law or put themselves at risk in any way.

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