Dreaming Of A Green Christmas? A Hazy Hanukkah? A Cannabis-Infused Kwanzaa? Here’s How To Make The Dream A Reality

The winter holidays have arrived, and what better way to celebrate than to infuse them with a little cannabis love? After all, the holiday season can be stressful, despite (or because of) all the festivities, so perhaps some cannabis is the perfect addition to mellow things out. From decorations to gifts, here are five ways to take your Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Solstice, New Year’s Eve, or general winter celebration to the next level.

1. Say ‘Happy Holidays’ With Kush Kards

Sending holiday cards is a lovely tradition that helps strengthen connections with friends and family who may be far away. Add a little cannabis twist to your cards this year and check out Kush Kards’ line of holiday greetings. They’re perfect for sending a warm winter message or attaching to a present beneath the tree. And apart from the joyous humor of some of the cards, there’s space for you to attach a joint. What else says season’s greetings better than a tightly rolled joint?

But remember, cannabis is still classed as a Schedule I drug, so don’t post this card with weed attached — unless you want to run the risk of getting arrested for trafficking.


Kush Kards’ holiday greetings each come with a joint holder.

2. Bring In The Light With Cannabis Candles

Days are short and nights are long this time of year, so it’s no surprise that many winter holidays focus on brightening up our lives. Light is a big part of every winter holiday, from individual candles decorating windows to Hanukkah menorahs and Kwanzaa kinaras.

To make things extra special, why not use hemp-based candles in your decoration or as part of your celebrations? Not only are hemp-based candles healthier (seeing as they don’t release carcinogens as they burn), but they tend to burn longer and more evenly than candles made with traditional paraffin wax.

Way Out Wax has an entire holiday collection that evokes the aromas of the season within its soy and hemp-based candles. Love the scent of cannabis but don’t want to puff away your entire stash? Check out (Malin +Goetz)’s Cannabis Candle — which is perfect for your home, or as a gift for your favorite cannabis-loving pal.

Cannabis Candle_(Hi)

(Malin +Goetz)’s Cannabis Candle creates a calming atmosphere while it burns for up to 60 hours.

3. Decorate With Cannabis Creativity

Are you a grower with bags of clipped leaves and nothing to do with them? Why not turn them into holiday treasure instead of tossing them in the compost? Follow this tutorial from Martha Stewart and substitute your excess cannabis leaves for the autumnal ones she suggests. Note that cannabis leaves do dry out fairly fast, but if you make sure to really fill and overstuff the wreath with them, you’ll get a gorgeous green glow that you can accentuate with a red velvet bow.

Have an extra-small grow light around? Why not string it up in place of mistletoe and encourage folks to smooch under the “sun”? You can even dress up your light with a cannabis leaf garland! And these BloomBoss PowerPanel TrueSun LED Grow Lights not only make the perfect gift for your favorite at-home grower, but can double as decoration! Note: We do not recommend leaving the grow light decorations up for longer than the holiday season. While they are certainly festive, prolonged exposure can cause lasting damage to your health.

4. Dress To Impress

Looking for something to wear to your next holiday party to send a certain message? There are many different ways to show your cannabis love through your holiday threads, ranging from subtle to in-your-face fabulousness.

This “Let’s Get Lit!” T-shirt from Etsy is the perfect way to let everyone at your Hanukkah bash know where you stand on your favorite plant. Celebrate Christmas? How about the “Mistlestoned” tee from High There? Have an office ugly-sweater party? Show your love for cannabis and tacky tops with this “Let’s Get Baked” gingerbread-man sweater or this stoned Santa number in traditional red, white and green.

Need something a little more subdued? Check out these awesome necklaces featuring the THC molecule from MolecularMotifs, and these cannabis resin rings from SerasBeach, both on Etsy. They’ll provide just enough sparkle for any holiday get-together, without screaming, “I LOVE POT!”


This necklace from MolecularMotifs features the THC molecule.

5. Cook With Cannabis

One of the best ways to infuse your holiday with cannabis is in the form of edibles. Marijuana-infused dishes have come a long way, and many experienced chefs and budding home cooks are finding new ways to bring out the best the plant has to offer.

However, it’s important to remember that not everyone wants to be medicated, so make sure to let your guests know if any of your holiday edibles have an extra-special ingredient. And, if you’re not following a recipe, make sure to figure out dose measurements so you can let folks know how much kush they’ll be getting with each slice of pie or scoop of stuffing.

Here Are Some Of Our Favorite Cannabis-Infused Holiday Edibles:

Jeffthe420Chef’s Quick & Simple Chocolate Cosmic Eggnog (CBD/THC): Perfect for sipping in front of a warm fire while the kids are tearing into their presents.

SousWeed’s Miso Medicated Caramels: These make delicious holiday treats for eating yourself, or sharing with others as a homemade gift.

Cannabis Cheri’s HERBed Apple Dressing Casseroles: Individual ramekins filled with stuffing will make any holiday dinner sing as the perfect cannabis-infused side dish.

However you decide to infuse your holiday season with cannabis, please do so safely and responsibly. And, enjoy the magic of the season!

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