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How to Grow Pot: Basic Needs, Seeds, Lighting

In our how to grow pot series for beginner marijuana growers, we talk about basics so you can grow your own weed right now.

The minimum things you need to grow pot are:

  • Excellent cannabis genetics (marijuana seeds or clones).
  • Sunlight or an indoor grow light.
  • Clean reverse osmosis water.
  • A container or system that provides a home for your marijuana roots.
  • A safe space outdoors or indoors.
  • For indoor growing, you need air flow, air movement, and air exchange to ensure adequate carbon dioxide and climate control. Reliable electricity supply.
  • Magnifying glass.
  • Time to spend on your garden.
  • An understanding of basic cannabis plant life cycle and phases.

Now let’s look at how you procure excellent cannabis seeds and clones:

  • Procure seeds from a reputable seed bank, a master-level marijuana grower, legal marijuana dispensary.
  • Get clones from master growers you know, or from legal marijuana dispensaries.
  • If you get clones, be sure to look at them with a magnifying glass before you buy them. If you see insects or strange leaf colors, don’t use those clones!

Now let’s take a look at the light you need when you grow pot:

  • Direct sunlight for a minimum of 7 hours per day to be augmented by electric lighting to give your plants 17-18 hours per day or 12 hours per day of reliable light (the hours of light vary depending on what phase of growth your plants are in). But…
  • If you’re growing 100% outdoors, you don’t have to add extra light, as long as your plants are started and placed outdoors after the spring equinox when day lengths are increasing.
  • In 100% indoor gardens, use a lower intensity light such as a Hortilux PowerVeg T-5 for plants under three weeks old.
  • When you grow pot totally indoors, you need a stronger light for plants three weeks old and older.
  • You can use indoor grow lights that work for both phases of your plants’ life cycle, or grow lights targeted for one phase or the other.
  • The most versatile and energy-efficient start-to-finish grow lights we’ve encountered are Lush Lighting LED grow lights. Some growers use high-intensity discharge (HID) grow lights for full-size marijuana gardens.
  • For very small grow ops in grow tents, grow cabinets, or small closets, some growers use fluorescent lighting or weak LED grow lights.

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And we’ll have more articles in this series, so check back with often.

If you’ve never grown pot before or want to grow pot more effectively, we’re giving you all the information you need to harvest big, sticky stacks of fine bud.

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