marijuana breedingCreating your own marijuana strains for fun, perfection, and profits.
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How to Do Marijuana Breeding

Breeding marijuana is the only way to get the exact marijuana strains you want.

It’s also the only way to avoid the high prices of buying marijuana seeds retail.

And the only way to preserve treasured strains you’ve created or purchased.

Breeding marijuana isn’t the same as simply creating your own marijuana seeds.

The process of growing unfeminized marijuana seeds, then taking pollen from male plants and putting it onto female flowers is only the first step of a serious marijuana breeding project.

The goal is to create marijuana strains that have the exact characteristics you want in categories such as:

  • The kind of high and medical effects
  • THC, CBD, terpenoids ratios and percentages
  • Bloom phase duration
  • Taste and smell
  • Resistance to diseases and pests
  • Physical structure such as height and branching
  • Overall hardiness and vigor

To create marijuana strains, you take the original set of seeds you created and work with them over generations of successive crops.

You want to know about genetics, phenotypes versus genotypes, crossing, backcrossing, stabilizing, and other skills and information.

If you do your marijuana breeding job properly, you create marijuana seeds that’ll always grow out true.

This means that if you plant 100 of those seeds, the females will produces buds that look, taste, smell, and stone you pretty much the same, or within a narrow and predictable range.

We’re enclosing many YouTube videos in this article to help you understand marijuana breeding.

Watch all of them!

We also highly recommend you study two books: Marijuana Botany, and Dank 2.0.

Marijuana breeding isn’t the same as growing as much bud as possible for profit, but if you breed fantastic strains and market them properly, you can get rich.

Take a look at the cannabis seed auction site, Seedbay, and you’ll see what I mean.

One female cannabis plant produces hundreds of seeds that wholesale for $6 or more.

Do the math– you’ll want to learn how to do marijuana breeding!

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