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How To Care For Young Marijuana Plants The Expert Way

A cannabis plant’s early weeks are the most vulnerable weeks of its life.
What you do during those early weeks makes a big difference in your harvest size and quality.

Leaves and roots are the basic life support structures for plants, and in the first 0-3 weeks of a marijuana plant’s life, those structures have to be nurtured and protected.

Start by reading here about ideal marijuana grow room conditions.

Then realize that marijuana babies aren’t ready for large amounts of food. Reduce the manufacturer’s regular recommended dose by at least 80% until your babies have adequate roots.

Give your plants a root-stimulating cocktail containing Voodoo Juice, Tarantula, and Piranha beneficial microbes, along with Roots Excelurator and B-52 vitamin booster.

Make sure they have reverse osmosis water, but not too much. A soggy root zone. It drowns your marijuana roots and creates “root rot” disease.

You can use an LED, CFL, or T-5 fluorescent light during early weeks but when your cannabis plants have at least seven sets of true leaves and well-established roots, switch to HID hydroponics lighting.

Keep an oscillating fan blowing directly onto the seedlings or rooted clones so you strengthen their main stalks. This gives you stronger marijuana plants that support bigger yields.

If you’re growing marijuana from seed, you may encounter phenotype variation early on. This mean your plants may look radically different, have different growth rates, or other differences.

It’s important not to freak out if you see a weird-looking leaf or one cannabis plant is growing more slowly than the other. That can be just normal genetic variation.

What you want to pay close attention to is if leaves are going yellow, brown, black, falling off.

You also want to watch to make sure your plants are growing vigorously. After their root and leaf systems are established, healthy seedlings and cuttings will be noticeably bigger every day, with more leaves, and more vertical growth.

If not, those cannababies might have a problem.

As long as you don’t drown, fry, overfeed, freeze, or otherwise abuse your young marijuana seedlings or clones, they’ll have a good start in life. And what happens with them in the first month of grow phase is a big factor in whether they’ll give you buds loaded with THC later on!

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