How High

How High? Super-Stoner Tips for Marijuana Maximization

In a previous article, we looked at what it means when you use more and more marijuana but you’re getting less high.

Or you feel you’re addicted to marijuana and want to quit because it’s doing more harm than good.

Because my job as a marijuana journalist requires me to use the strongest whole bud, along with the highest-powered cannabis extracts such as shatter, budder, and honey oil, I’d gotten to the point that I only felt a mild buzz smoking nearly-pure THC concentrates!

So I started researching ways to keep manage marijuana use for maximum highs and minimum harms.

Here are some smart ways for you to make the most of your marijuana use:

Take A Break From Getting Stoned

Unless your medical needs require that you dose yourself all the time just to keep pain or other symptoms at bay, take a few days break until your brain feels un-stoned again.

This clears your cannabinoid receptors so you feel more of your high.

Now you can better judge how strong your weed is if you’re a buyer or grower.

If you want to judge the potency and quality of marijuana, you need a clean brain.

Five to seven days without getting high is a minimum for clearing your brain so you get back to a baseline of sobriety.

When you smoke again after a period of cessation, your brain can better evaluate the potency and qualities of your marijuana.

Use Different Types, Forms, and Ingestion Methods 

Many marijuana lovers sense that the brain habituates to a particular cannabinoid profile when you use the same strain of marijuana over and over.

This might mean that your brain loves a particular marijuana strain and is adapted to it beneficially, or it might mean your brain after a while no longer gives you anything fun when you use that strain.

So try using strains that are radically different from the ones you’re used to.

Each marijuana strain has its own unique effects.

If you’re regularly using Kush or Indica, try using a pure Sativa, or vice versa.

Mix up the types of hydroponics marijuana you grow or use, and see if it improves your ability to feel and enjoy the high.

If all you ever do is smoke bong hits, try using vaporizers, extracts, tinctures, or marijuana edibles (otherwise known as medibles).

Vary how, when and with what you dose yourself.

Vaporizers open up a whole new world of marijuana effects that you can’t get when smoking whole marijuana.

Care For Your Brain

Preliminary scientific studies show that function and number of cannabinoid receptors may be affected by dietary intake of substances called “Omega-3 fatty acids.”

Some medical researchers recommend fish oil to rejuvenate or assist people with brain function.

My feeling is that hemp seed oil or hulled hemp seeds are a better choice because they have an ideal ratio of Omega fatty acids, including Omega-3. Hulled hemp seeds are delicious, and give you lots of protein and other essential nutrients, along with the Omegas.

Some doctors recommend taking DHA, which is a concentrated Omega-3 source.

Use brain-sharpening and strengthening herbs such as gotu kola and gingko biloba. Also use brain-sharpening supplements such as Vitamin B complex, Phosphatidylserine, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Alpha Lipoic Acid, and Coenzyme Q10.

Be sure to get your supplements from a reliable manufacturer: there are many scams in the vitamins and supplements industry.

Exercise While You’re High on Cannabis

When you raise your heart rate via exercise, you stimulate feel-good endorphin chemicals that help you feel better overall.

Try swimming, dancing, making love, martial arts, running, power yoga, bicycling, or anything that raises your heart rate to twice its resting rate for 30 minutes or more.

Aerobic exercise gives you a “natural high” that provides cardiovascular benefits and increases your ability to enjoy life.

Read this great article about marijuana and exercise here.

Meditate and Do Other “Spiritual Growth” Work While High

Marijuana users can manage their minds using marijuana as a way to change their core consciousness, feelings and perceptions.

You can also change your consciousness using yoga, meditation, and other “spiritual” tactics.

Also try getting into creative arts like dance, photography, painting, sculpting, playing an instrument, singing…anything that gets the right hemisphere of your brain (the creative/emotional side) going will help you feel better overall.

Monitor how you feel when high; evalute the role marijuana plays in your life.

Just like hydroponics marijuana growers monitor their plants to ensure no problems are happening, you too should monitor your moods, mental acuity, physical strength, ability to handle your obligations and enjoy life’s pleasures, lung condition and other factors to ensure you get the most from your marijuana use.

Watch how marijuana makes you feel, and adjust your use patterns so you get great feelings from it more often.

Grow strains that give you THC and other cannabinoids in ratios and amounts that most benefit you.

And along with monitoring yourself, ask a trusted friend, spouse or other confidante to be honest with you about your marijuana use…just in case you are so high you can’t see what’s really going on with you.

Flush your crops. Marijuana and other plants store pollutants and mineral salts that can affect your lungs and general health.

Ten days before harvest time, flush your crops to remove these substances.

As I said in my previous article on what you can do to make your marijuana use as smart and fun as possible, everybody’s different.

If you use the strongest marijuana and concentrates (such as hashish or tinctures) all day and night and still have fun with marijuana while also being a successful, ethical, happy person…more power to you.

I know many people who get high all day every day while working and playing hard to enjoy life to its maximum.

For them, marijuana is an enhancer, not a detriment.

On the other hand, I’ve recommended these tips to many professional hydroponics marijuana growers, medical users, and super-stoners, and they’ve reported it makes them appreciate marijuana more, and staves off or remediates marijuana problems.

Please note: I’m not a medical doctor, so consult your marijuana doctor before you implement any of these strategies. My hope is you have only the most wonderful experiences with the healing cannabis herb!

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